THE GREAT WALL OF AMERICA: Facts on U.S. Immigrants in Borders

The United States have been facing this crisis of the exodos of the illegal immigrants throughout the sates. This is one of the intruding problems that the states have been facing for over 40 years now and the authorities are on the lookout of a better solution.This led to the construction of what is known now as the great wall of America.

This came out as one of the permanent solutions for the huge problem of illegal immigrants and the drugs dealings and the illegal exodus of illegal weapons across the borders between theUnited States and Mexico.  Prior to the construction of this wall there were many measures taken by the government to put a check into the illegal process but all goes into vain as the people still were using the unique system of sophisticated underground tunnels to carry out the process.   The illegal exodus of the immigrants from Mexica and the arms trade is arising as a potential threat to the government as well.

Borders from Ernst Etienne on Vimeo.

The government realized that all the money that they have invested in building up the wall and huge network of taxing endeavor that they have put into place is not being able to put a complete stop.  So, they moved towards working on a more strategic plan that is even more effective. The idea behind that was to put a 100% stop to the inflow of the illegal migrants into the States.  This means a check on to the underground networks of sophisticated underground tunnels. The Great Wall of America was a check to the visible illegal immigrants but what the states are looking at was a more permanent solution. They want to put a check on to the drugs and illegal weapon trade as well so that the neighboring areas of Mexico can emerge as a better and safer living habitat.

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