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Monday, 19 August 2019

What is the Scope of Digital Marketing in India-2019 ?

The revolution of digital marketing is on a peak in 2019, it can’t be denied that our lives have become digitalized. You can see the domination of digital marketing in our lives through Online shopping, online banking, and movie tickets, groceries items, travel packages, hotels, and air ticket etc.
What is its scope of digital marketing in India for Professionals:

As we know that the digital marketing industry is growing, which brings more opportunities to professionals in this industry. Following are opportunities available for professionals.

Get a Job in Industry:
The simple and best way to start your career in digital marketing is to find a job. In digital marketing, we have many different specializations so you will have different options to start your career.

A. Junior & Mid Level Career Options

a. Digital marketing intern
b. Digital marketing executive
c. SEO Executive
d. Link Building specialist
e. Social media specialist
f. Google Ads specialist
g. Email marketing specialist
h. Web Analyst
i. Online reputation executive
j. Content marketing executive

B. Higher Level Digital Marketing Job Titles

a. Digital marketing strategist
b. Digital marketing manager
c. Social media manager
d. Digital Marketing Head
e. Paid Advertising manager
f. Digital Branding Head
g. Reputation management executives/head

Apart from the above list, there are more specialized job roles to choose in digital marketing.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Online Business:

1. Become a Professional Blogger:
Many digital marketing professionals choose full time blogging as their career choice. With dedication and hard work, many professionals are not successful bloggers in their chosen niche. Bloggers can generate income with advertising & affiliate marketing strategies.

2. Earn with Affiliate Marketing & AdSense:
You can start your blog/website/app in a specific niche of your interest and initially work hard to build traffic & viewers. After generating good traffic, you can make a good income with AdSense & affiliate marketing techniques.

3. Start Freelancing Services:
Freelancing is the concept of offering your services to clients on a part-time basis from your home. Sitting at your home you can build your clients globally. Thanks to online websites like fiverr.com, freelancer.com etc. you can start offering your freelancing services.

4. Start your own agency:
If you have experience in managing a business & have resources, contacts. You can start your own full-time digital marketing agency. With your agency, you can able to build marketing strategies for clients and implement them with digital marketing.

5. Become a YouTuber:
You can choose to become a full-time YouTuber in a selected niche. You need to focus on the quality of content and building your audience base on YouTube. Once you start getting subscribers and views, you can make money with YouTube monetization.

6. Start your Dropshipping business:
Dropshipping a business model in which you can able to sell products online to customers without owning the inventory physically with you. Generally, in this business, you need to develop an e-commerce website in Shopify and select your products based on your research. Then you connect your store with the manufacturer and online retailers from China from Ali Express. All the product prices are marked up and when you sell a product, the manufacturer will directly send the product to the customer and you make a profit.

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