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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Tradition: Why India’s Youth Are Dating In Secret

In India, kissing or even holding hands in public can be considered immoral and induce violence. The strict regulations have led the way for StayUncle, a digital startup, to help unmarried couples book hotel rooms and spark relationships.

photo credit: zannat zahan

With the help of Blaze Arizanov, Founder and CEO Sanchit Sethi felt compelled to start StayUncle  after hearing stories of unmarried couples who attempted to conduct relationships in secret but ended in failure.

“The courage came when we saw those almost horror stories which our couples were sharing with us,” Arizanov says. “How they were denied hotel stays at 2 o’clock. How girls used to cry on the reception window when the receptionist used to ask them, ‘Are you a prostitute?’ How they were left outside to wander in the middle of the night on dangerous streets because of stupid, silly reasons. We just have to do something about it.”

The services of StayUncle allow unmarried couples who are denied hotel stays to log on to a website and find a place for the night that is safe from police raids or other attacks. They give a sense of confidence to those in need of a way to pursue their relationship without ridicule from society or law enforcement.

The company wasn’t an easy one to create, however, due to the conservative values held by many Indians. Many view love and sex as something obtained in a marital relationship. Chandra Prakash, president of Akhil Bhara Hindu Mahasabha, one of the oldest national political parties in India, holds these values and believes physical intimacy should wait until after marriage.

StayUncle represents a huge cultural shift in dating among India’s youth. The rising generations of India view love under a different light that reveals more romantic intimacy, which many believe is vital to experience before the commitment of marriage. StayUncle is a bold step toward the future of Indian culture.

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