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Monday, 20 May 2019

Arizona Woman With No Arms Becomes A Licensed Pilot

Have you ever seen a pilot without arms?! Now the world is all set to witness its first armless pilot Jessica Cox, a native of Arizona, USA. Pilot Jessica Cox was born without arms and has now become the world’s first armless pilot, reported CNN. She flies a plane with her feet, by placing her right foot on the yoke and her left foot on the throttle. “I was born with no arms, I’m just replacing, what pilot do with their hand, I do it with feet,” says Cox.

A woman in the US with no arms has become a licensed pilot - the first to achieve the feat.
"It was a long journey to become a pilot because it took three different airplanes, not because I wrecked them, but the logistics of the control panel were challenging for me," said Arizona woman Jessica Cox.
For "no medical reason", Cox was born without arms, she told local news source KGUN9.
"We didn't know I would be born without them until I literally came out," she said.
"My mum especially worried about me and what future was in store for someone without arms."
But that didn't stop Cox from playing the piano, surfing, and driving a car before getting her pilot license, KGUN9 reports.
The airplane she uses is operated with her feet.
"The design of this airplane, it does not have rudder pedals, so I can just use both feet and be in full control," she told KGUN9.
Cox also has a scuba diver's license, and is creating a harness so she can rock climb.

She had a message with those who might have similar limitations: "Don't ever be afraid to face your fear, do something that scares you; it makes you feel alive".


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