YUVRAJ SINGH PLAYS A PRANK ON Indian Cricket's God SACHIN TENDULKAR - Alternative Media Forum


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Friday, 24 March 2017


Back when he was a newbie on the team, cricketer Yuvraj Singh hadn’t seen much of the world, nor tasted a range of global cuisines. 
His idol Sachin Tendulkar, on the other hand, was a veteran in these off-field matters too. And so it was that one day, Yuvi, Sachin and a handful of their teammates landed up at a Japanese eatery for lunch. “I had never been to a Japanese restaurant before,” Yuvi recalls. “Realising this, Sachin said, ‘Yeh wasabi badi tasty hai,’ so I took a huge bite. For two whole minutes I couldn’t breathe. I felt like a train was roaring through my head and all the steam was coming out of my nose! That was a bad experience!”

Those who know the pungent taste of Japanese horseradish will feel empathy for Yuvraj, but don’t feel too bad because Yuvi has had his ‘revenge’!

“Sachin was the biggest prankster on the team,” Yuvi tells me, “so pulling a prank on him wasn’t easy.” It took months for Yuvraj to achieve a fitting rejoinder, but the batsman feels the wait was worth it. “We were in New Zealand and we were eating around a Jacuzzi. I told Sachin, ‘On the other side, there’s a dish with ham in it that is very tasty.’ He likes ham, so off he went to get some. The moment he stepped closer to the Jacuzzi, I pushed him in with all his clothes on! He fell in and tried to pull me along, but I ran away. That was fun,” Yuvraj recalls. Good thing Sachin wasn’t a wet blanket about it!

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