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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Investigation underway after man is killed at Paris airport when he tried to grab soldier's rifle

France's anti-terrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation after a man who tried to grab an assault weapon from a soldier at Orly Airport in Paris was shot dead, an official at the prosecutor's office said.
Elite police officers patrol at the Orly airport, south of Paris, Saturday, March, 18, 2017.
Investigators are now searching for “clues, stories, and images” pertaining to the suspect and incident, France's interior minister said.

The brother and father of the suspect are being questioned, but have not been detained.

The suspect, whom authorities have not identified, was not on the government's list of people considered a threat to national security, the prosecutor’s office said.

The airport was partially shut down and evacuated following the incident early Saturday morning. Later Saturday, the airport's operations were gradually resuming, although one of its terminals remained closed.

France's anti-terrorism prosecutor has Paris' Orly Airport was partially evacuated Saturday morning after a man was fatally shot by French security forces after he tried to seize a rifle from a soldier guarding the airport, France's Ministry of the Interior has confirmed.

"This morning at 8:30 at Orly Airport, an individual tried to attack French soldiers in order to take the weapon of one of the soldiers -- he was not able to do it and was shot and killed by soldiers," Minister of the Interior Bruno Le Roux said early Saturday.

France's Minister of Defense, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said, the suspect attacked three soldiers patrolling the airport. He tried to take the weapon of one of the soliders, a woman.

"She was able to hold to her weapon. Two other soldiers shot at [the] individual to protect her. I congratulate them," Le Drian said.
Le Roux said the assailant was involved in a carjacking earlier in the day and had also shot at a police officer at a traffic stop.

"We can also link his identity to a police check that occurred this morning at 6:50 in the northern suburbs of Paris. During this police check, the individual shot with a gun at a police officer who was slightly injured," Le Roux said.

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