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Sunday, 5 March 2017

George W. Bush Puts the OMG in Om: That Time He Got Kicked Out of a Yoga Class

George W. Bush‘s post-presidency has seen him take up painting, pound a mountain bike with military men and women half his age, become a doting grandpa, and champion the interests of America’s wounded warriors with the same passion he shows for helping Muslim women and girls overseas reach their leadership potential.
Now, in a recent at-home interview Laura Bush reveals that her husband is even more of a Renaissance man than we knew and can be found not only in his art studio  but on a yoga mat.

The former first lady says she and the former president spend most Januarys in Florida, where she has a favorite yoga teacher. Her husband and his former Commerce Secretary, Don Evans, will sometimes join Laura in class after their own workout.

“George and Donny will go work out so they’re really sweaty warmed up so they can stretch and then come to yoga in the back row,” she says.

But while the famously impatient former president (who practically invented “speed golf”) has been known to participate in the quiet meditations of yoga, Laura says, his equally famous wise-cracking side sometimes cannot resist.

“Donny, George and Charlie, our other friend—one time,” she recalls with a small chuckle, “they had to be asked to leave because they were behaving badly.

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