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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Angelina Jolie Visits Buckingham Palace with Maddox After Women’s Rights Lecture

Hollywood royalty, meet English royalty.
Angelina Jolie and her son Maddox reportedly visited Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, not long after the actress delivered a speech on women’s rights at the London School of Economics.

Jolie and family made a visit to the palace back in 2014, not long after her marriage to Brad Pitt. A palace source told PEOPLE at the time that she met Queen Elizabeth for about 20 minutes and was awarded the title of Honorary Dame.

Jolie and Pitt also joined Prince William and wife Princess Kate for tea at Kensington Palace in 2015.

Earlier in the day, the filmmaker and activist, 41, gave a lecture at the university’s Centre for Women, Peace and Security, PEOPLE confirms. It is the same place where Jolie, as a visiting professor, will start teaching a master’s course in September on the same subject.

Jolie’s lecture focused on women’s rights in the context of refugee camps, and how displacement and statelessness makes women and girls vulnerable to sexual violence and other crimes. The class also discussed the connection between the field and the policy work that is being done by governments, as well as the current state of women’s rights.

The subject ties into with her work with the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, which she helped launch in 2012 with the help of then-British Foreign Office Chair William Hague. The two subsequently opened the Centre for Women, Peace and Security in 2015, with Jolie later signing on to teach a course.

Yesterday, the actress and four of her children hit up a local London bookstore. “She bought about 30 books,” an onlooker told PEOPLE. “Mostly coloring books, a Harry Potter book, plus some book markers and Easter-themed project books.”

Jolie will be heading to Geneva on Wednesday to continue her humanitarian work. She will deliver the Annual Sergio Vieira de Mello Memorial Lecture at the United Nations Assembly Hall, focusing on key emerging humanitarian themes and topical issues that continue to reflect the late U.N. Brazilian diplomat’s principles, philosophy, and work.

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