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Saturday, 25 March 2017

10 Celebs Who Party The Hardest Ever.

1. Miley Cyrus

You all might be surprised how much work it takes to be a celebrity. After a long week of hard work and stress work these famous people love to play hard, too. These 10 celebs party the hardest out of anyone!

It wasn't that much long ago when Miley Cyrus was better known as her innocent TV personality Hannah Montana, but she's quickly reversed her image as a wild and crazy bad girl who can party hardest than anyone. She tends to make an appearance at all the biggest parties, often while wearing ridiculous outfits.

2. Amanda Bynes
She is possibly the craziest ex-child star of all also parties the hardest of anyone. Amanda Bynes life spiraled out of control in recent years, but she continued to party the night away like nothing was wrong. Once she caught in a Nigh Club where she was doing party with her Ex Boyfriend and she was drunk as well. People were shocked to see her on that condition.

3. Macaulay Culkin

This former "Home Alone" star is now the host of secret underground parties with ridiclous themes, like a dinosaur birthday bash. He is one of the hardest party boy ever. He was found many place while doing party. Even he caught sometimes with smoking. This stunning handsome star is love to go on the places like Comic Party, Wild Party, Fun Party or many else.

4. Demi Moore
You know you're a party animal when your own daughters cut off all contact with you. Demi Moore has been partying hard and hooking up with random guys ever since she divorced Ashton Kutcher. This sounds weird but that's true. She had been caught with random boys on many party spots. Recently she caught with a younger boy who look likes younger than her age and people were completely shocked. She was busy in dancing with that boy and not even noticed that all people were watching her to doing that. When the party was finished she even caught with him in the car.

5. Prince Harry

Royals are supposed to be a model citizen for the rest of the people to admire, but Prince Harry is a black sheep. The prince has been seen partying in exotic locations all over the world, and was even caught walking around completely naked in Las Vegas.

6. Kate Moss
Kate Moss might have topped everyone else on this list when she threw a 40th birthday bash that lasted for 100 hours straight and cost around $150,000! This suppose to be the richest party of all time. She is one of the wildest party girl in the industry right now. Kate belongs to a family where party is in their blood. So its obvious that she is like that. Well lets see who is next in the list.

7. Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore was partying hard before she was even in her teens! She admits she was club hopping at ten, which led to her first stint in rehab at the tender age of 13. That's really ridiculous when you are just 10 years old start party like old people. Well that's said Party in the Blood. God give them some brain.

8. Colin Farrell
Actor Colin Farrell seems to have cleaned himself up recently and become a family man, but he was once a total party animal. He was so strung out on drugs and alcohol that it almost killed him.

9. Tara Reid
Tara Reid might not have a promising career as an actress anymore, but that hasn't stopped her from partying. She's been in and out of rehab multiple times but nothing can stop this party animal. She had been a party girl from long time and still she is so crazy for party. She don't even miss a singly party invitation. People also invite her for their wild party because she don't have acting career anymore and after all we all have to something for our livelihood.

9. Charlie Sheen
How can anyone forget Charlie Sheen's wild and crazy party binge in 2011. The actor totally snapped, left town, and partied for days with models and his special "tiger blood" drink. That was one the greatest party moment of all time.

10. Paris Hilton
This list can't be complete without the name of Paris Hilton. What else is there to do besides party when you're the heiress to a fortune? Paris Hilton has been the queen of the party scene for years, and doesn't look to stop anytime soon.

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