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Sunday, 26 February 2017

The First Trillionaire Book inauguration function held at Dispur Press Club...

 The First Trillionaire , the book written by Sapna Jha has been inaugurated at Dispur Press Club in deep concentrated function. the meeting has presided by Dr. Hafiz Ahmed, president, Char Chapori sahitya Porishad and inaugurated by noted writer Dr Govind Prsad sarma, retired HOD, English , Gauhati University. In this occasion a few other noted intellectuals are also attend the function including Writer Ismail Hossain, Senior journalist Manoram Gogoi, Professor Dr Dilip Bara (HOD, Assamese, GU) and a few more. 

In the inauguration lecture, Dr Govind Prsad sarma says that the wake of 2017 was celebrated with a handful of new releases, but ‘The First Trillionaire’ by Sapna Jha & Alok Jha duo has stolen most of the attention. The newbie author has done a great job constructing an astounding word palace which treats its visitors with a delight of drama, ineffable mystery & some ecstatic twists. The story wouldn’t disappoint the mystery lovers, whereas it is an all-rounder with packed emotions and scenarios satisfying multi-genre lovers. The plot is precisely polished such that each and every words used would convey the embedded emotions and feelings without tampering the reader’s joy. The mystery gear-up is well arranged in the plot; the first couple of chapters might look ordinary and soothing, but as you proceed the fugacity would increase, bring the mystery and thrill, step by step. The best part about books like this would be the churned plot that takes the reader back & forth to multiple contexts before finally concluding all of them to be linked one way or another. The story would never give away a clue to the reader, until unless they reach the point set by the author. Well perceived brain work did actually help the story move in a consistent sinusoidal rhythm, which then takes a sudden crumpling climax for everyone’s surprise. The plot has well portrayed all the characters and none of them could prove irrelevant in any point of the context. In fact, the chemistry of characters did work really well, manifesting one of a kind crime thriller of the year, so far. 

‘Shail’ & ‘Olivia’, two women highlights of the book indeed speaks about the society’s attitude towards womanhood, which from their perspective wasn’t pleasant, though. However, their tenacity takes the ladies through different ordeals to finally rest in the comfort of righteousness. Something that needs a mention would be the villain portrayal, while we all would picture a ferocious, tyrant underworld don, here it’s much different how the antagonists are fitted on to the plot. Rather than sticking with the conventional approach, the author well scrutinized Indian audience and acculturated some transoceanic ideas to thrill the readers.

In Chairperson’s speech Dr Hafiz Ahmed says that the book starts with an ordinary Indian dream, which finally concludes in the serenity of an extraordinary accomplishment. The narration is well managed such that you would even notice the inter-oceanic swaps to the end. Most books would fail with this one aspect, which usually costs them a valuable review point, however, ‘The first Trillionaire’ wouldn’t give a chance for the reader to even realize that they addicted with the story! Words are not glued to each other, rather tailored by a master crafter in his lab with his precise hands to simply capture the eyes laid over it. If you prefer some prodigious experience with this book, try it in one go; yes, a 300-page book won’t be an easy deal but try the first chapter yourself and the rest will be taken care by your greedy subconscious word eater.

In vote of thanks organizer Main Uddin says that this book is available on Amazon at 50% discount 

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