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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Anirudh Sethi's Success Mantras from Rudraksh Cap-Tech Limited

Being successful is vital to any company. Success signifies a lot of different things to a lot of different minds. For a successful company, success is the achievement of desired vision and planned goal. Among the hundreds of successful Indian companies, one name today we can take which has made a significant impact on our economy and society is Rudraksh Cap-Tech Limited. With a vision to bring transparency and honesty in Philately and Numismatics investment, Anirudh Sethi, founder Director, Under Promoter Executive of the company first laid the first stone for the company and finally he turn his hobby of collecting stamp, old newspaper into a successful business story. He set a perfect example that any hobby has the potential to become a profitable venture. This Gujarat-based Rudraksh Cap-Tech Limited becomes India’s first BSE listed Philately and Numismatics investment company. More interestingly , he is a stock market evangelist who was regular analytic in various national media.

The core objective of the Company is to bring pleasure and excitement of collecting a wide audience and to make it fun and easy for collectors to enjoy their hobby. And we can say that they are successful in their objective since today Rudraksh Cap-Tech Ltd is highly known as a trusted buyer of old and memorable Indian stamps, rare coins, historically significant editions of newspapers, and autographs. The biggest pillar of their success is trust and reliability of their customers.

“I think that you have known as the Numismatics & Philately investment business was started late 70’s in the western world but the same has come to India in late 90’s. Honestly, I was more interested in collecting stamps, old newspapers, old coins as a hobby but after my portfolio management business banned by SEBI, it has become my profession. I am being a stamp collector since childhood, specialising in Stamps & Philatelic classic stamps and coins of various countries with unique 25 years of experience in Philatelic business, marketing, and buying at all levels. So, I can surely say that the Numismatics & Philately investment business will bring more brightness than any other investment business in India. According to our last 5 years says like so.”, Anirudh Sethi argued during an interview with Indilens News Team reporters which was taken in the year 2014, when he was asked about how hopeful he was with his Numismatics and Philately Company from the stock market point of view in India. His positive attitude helps Rudraksh Cap-Tech Limited to establish awareness more easily in India or external affairs. After getting listed in BSE, now they are looking forward to getting listed as an NSE company too in a matter of time. They are also planning to establish a Historic Newspaper Museum in Baroda, Gujarat.

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