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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Umrangshu is one of the well-known hill-stations of Assam

Umrangshu is one of the well-known hill-stations of Assam   which is situated   in  the   border of Meghalaya and Assam border. It is situated about 112 km from Haflong and it lies in the superb background of the exquisite North Cacher Hill which is the gives a better idea.  The hill-station deserves a commendable importance as one of the must-visit places of Assam, owing to its rich natural beauty. The place is untouched by any tints of modernity and that have to be taken to attract the idea for the tourists and they

Umrangshu as a  hill station  holds the unique identity of being a hill station with an unmatched scenic beauty, which is a delight  to the customers. The hill station is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and the natural beauty which every tourist aspires for, during a visit to any place which have a natural ambience. About a few distance from the hill station Umrangshu is located the hot spring Garampani which is another popular tourist destination. It is popularly believed that the water in the spring has rich medicinal value and it always remains hot and it can cure many of the diseases at its very touch.

The weather out here is very wet and is visited occasionally by rains. It usually have a very cold winters and due to the pleasant weather that is being maintained it have been able to have the perfect atmosphere for the tourist to visit. A person who loves nature and who have a crave for the better things   scenic things have the idea for the same as well.
Umrangsu is a place that can give us the perfect environment to create a new environment and this why we have been able to showcase the same as well in the better understanding as well. This hill station have a welcoming ideology and that it have been able to  treat its  tourist with a welcoming note.

The place is well connected  by road to the nearest district and road is the best communication channel so far. The people also have a great experience of hilly sports in there.

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