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Thursday, 18 August 2016

SIVASAGAR- the ancient Ahom kingdom

Assam is termed as a place of variety. What we all are looking forward in Assam is that we are getting a variety of ideas. We should always be able to create a new amount of variety in the important places. The beautiful place of Sivasagar derives its name from the Ahom dynasty and it is termed to be known as the “land of lord Shiva.”  This place is previously known as Rangpur and is termed as the capital of the Ahom dynasty which was the most prominent ruling dynasty in Assam.
The district of Sivasagar is also considered as the most important area and this is the place that have seen the glory and warmth of the Ahom Empire. This place have seen   the glory of all times and then they have the greater grip for the same as well. The place is famous for its ancient monuments that have been able to stand the faces of time. This place is famous for the ancient tank which is considered as the most pious one and the great Shiv Dol which is being constructed by the Ahom rulers. This Dol holds quite a big importance as the prime entrance and the top covering Ghombaj are made of gold.
This place is considered as the prime place as they hold the history of Assam and they have been able to create the new horizon for the same as well. There are many a monuments of great architectural art facts like the “Talatal Ghar… which is basically a fort that use to house the royal family, the “Kareng Ghar” or the royal Place . The Ahom’s have a greater Architectural benefit and they have been able to create a greater monument  which are interconnected  by the inner ground links

The place is well connected by road, rails and airport to the nearest town . There is quite a enjoying trip and the people can have a glimpse of the better places in the nearby areas. This place is the true representative of the great assamese culture in real sense.

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