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Thursday, 18 August 2016


Assam is a land of religion and temples (Mandir) as called in Assam. This is considered as a place where religion plays a priory role and the people of this land have been able to have a greater value for religion as well. The land of Assam is flooded with many known and famous temples which have historical importance as well.

One of such temples that hold a historical importance id the HAIGRIVA MADAV MANDR situated in Hajo, which ids about 24 Kms from the capital city of Guwahati. Constructed in the 6th century by the king of the Pala dynasty. This place is also considered as the place where Buddha, the preacher of Buddhism have attained nirvana and this is the reason why this place hold a historical importance for both the Hindu and Buddhist religions.

The temple was reconstructed by the Koch king Raghudeva Narayan in 1538. In this temple the deity that is being worshipped id HAYAGRIVA Madhav, the human and lion form of the Vishnu god and this is being able the most important sculpture of that time. The temple have and loose structures that are being crafted and a rows of elephants that have been crafted out of rocks that are considered as beautiful symbols of the assamese craftsmanship. The temple have a rows of stairs that lead from the ground to the upper hill where the temple is being constructed. This temple also have a beautiful pond known as the Madhav Mandir Pool that have a large varities of tortoises and fished in it

All the major festivals of Assam like bihu, Dol Jatra, Janmastmi etc are celebrated in the premises of the temple and it is considered as one of the important centers of cultural unity as here we are being able to find the mixture of both the cultures of Hinduism and Buddhism and this is the greater variety for the same.

This place is well connected to Guwahati which is the capital of Assam. The nearest railway station and airport is the Guwahati airport and railway station and this place can be easily reached in a span of few hours from Guwahati.

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