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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Majuli the river island in Assam

Assam is known as the place of the rising sun. This is considered as one of the places that beholds the beauties of nature in its most natural self and the life is termed to be well preserved here. This island is termed as one of the largest Island in India that is naturally made and this is termed to have been the symbol of the natural self. This island have the Brahmaputra flowing on one side of it and the other side of it is being covered by the burhidinhing that encloses it among the other areas.

The island of Majuli have in itself embarked with a rich cultural heritage as this island can be termed to have  set the ideologies  of culture and religion in  the society. The island of Majuli ids regarded to be the pioneer of the cultural heritage as this island is the home to the rich and prestigious  satras of the Vaishnava creed namely the Auniati , Dakhinpath, Garamur, Kamalabari  who are termed as the most prominent ones. There are a total of 65 satras in the entire Majuli island out of which 22 are still there but the rest are being moved to safer places due to the continuous soil erosion that is being happening in these island. These satras are being established by Sankardev who is regarded as the father of Assamese culture. These satras holds the rich culture of the assamese traditions and is considered the birthplace of most of the  assamese treasure like Borgeet, Jumur dance,  Chali dance , satria Krishna dance and many more.
Since this is an Island , the chief agricultural croup is paddy  and the production here is in many folds. Though other crops are also being cultivated here. Handloom is another prime aspect of this area and the people here are termed as excellent weavers and they are also known for their craftsmanship.
This island of Majuli is regarded as the cradle of the Assamese culture and tradition as this is here the inception of the assamese culture have taken place. This island have the history of giving birth to a culture that have been able to make its presence felt in the state at large as well.

Majuli is well connected with its nearest town Jorhat by ferries and boat rides and can be easily assessable. The best time to visit Majuli ids during the Rassleela that is during the full moon season where the whole of Majuli is indulged in the festival seasons.

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