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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Brahmaputra cruise…. A delight

The land of rising sun which is called the north east is one of the fascinating aspect for the state of Assam. This state of Assam is being considered as the most important of all as these places have been able to create an identity for its own as well. The identity of the state of Assam is the mighty Brahmaputra that is flowing in between the state.  River Brahmaputra  flows  in between the state and this is the reason that it have been able to connect to all the places in the  same manner.
The river Brahmaputra  is the creator of a beautiful scenario and this is the beautiful part of all of it. The cruise in the river Brahmaputra is the delightful of all that have been able to attract the tourists over a long span of time. There are basically two cruises the upstream and downstream which caters to the different zones of the state of assam.
One of the cruise which starts from Guwahati and takes us along its coast to Kaziranga and the ancient Ahom kingdom of Assam.. Then it taken its stride along  us to the wondersful island of Majuli that have the preservice of the assamese culture along with satras with the accumulation of the assamese literature.
The other cruise which starts in between Jorhat and Dibrugarh and terminates at Guwahati. This trip covers along the wide spread of the assamese culture right from a day visit to Majuli and taking the stride to sibasagarh the ahom  capital then through Kaziranga giving the feel of wild to the tourist the cruise sails off to the coast of sualkuchi… the silk hub of assam and the madan kamdev mandir in Hajo.
These    cruises in the might Brahmaputra have been the prime attraction of the most of the tourist visits as because they are able to take the real feel of the scenic beauty in the real environment. This has been always a welcoming intiatiave as this cruise is becoming the face of the assam tourism in the long run.

Come enjoy the scenic  beauty and greenery of the state of assam in the lap of the mighty Brahmaputra.

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