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Friday, 8 January 2016

Top 10 simple steps to Start and Grow your business hassle-free in 2016

Do you want to start your business this year? Do you want to ensure everything about your business is legally bullet proof? Of course you do! Well, now is the time to make that a reality. We've put together 10 simple ideas that can help you start your business and make its legal foundation strong.

✔ Choose a business entity that limits your liability, gives you high tax benefits and allows you to issue equity. (Such as a private limited company)

✔ Give your brand identity lifetime protection by trademarking your brand name and/ or logo.

✔ Convert your current business entity to a private limited company to be investment-ready.

✔ Get your mobile application patented and beat your competition.

✔ Guarantee yourself and your website users full legal protection with a terms of service and privacy policy.

✔ Get a comprehensive SLA that effectively manages customer expectations by communicating your service abilities.

✔ Minimize risk of future litigation by getting a well-drafted vendor agreement, by clearly putting down the rights and duties of both parties.

✔ Avoid employment issues by signing a contract with your employee and defining the expectations and responsibilities clearly.

✔ Don't put it off! Many businesses let their compliance requirements pile up. Staying disciplined from the initial days will be hugely helpful when looking for investment or a bank loan, as investors or lenders would want to ensure that your business is compliant with the Registrar of Companies' (RoC's) requirements.

✔ Reach new markets by getting an Import and Export code

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