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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Common Indian Job Seekers In-Demand Jobs For 2016

If you are planning to start your career then you must read this. The new year bring a plethora of opportunities for the job seekers with lucrative offers. Jobs are on the cards for people with the right skill-set and if you don’t have one then this is the right time to start acquiring the same.

The demand for certain jobs is variable with time. Layoffs, cutbacks are the norms today and switching jobs isn’t easy either. For candidates who planning to start their career in 2016, here’s a list of 5 in-demand and promising jobs they can opt for, reports thejobnetwork.

Survey Research
These professionals are in-charge of designing patterns, surveys and analyze data for companies. These surveys include collection of factual data regarding salary and employment information. Once the information is collected these professionals use the statistical tools and software to analyze and reach conclusions. One should have marketing, survey research, statistics or social science as a part of their education.

Software App Developer
Software requirements are translated into operable programming code by these professionals. These codes are then used for business purpose. With the help of development and programming tools, developers are required to write and specify programs, design and implement code and also test and support the same. Candidates with a degree in Computer Science are eligible for this job post.

Travel Agent
As a travel agent you need to offer the travel packages and related information to customers on behalf of the company’s suppliers. The job responsibilities include planning and selling of travel services, provide information on different packages, book transports and reserve rooms in hotels for the customers and much more. Candidates with good communicative and sales skills are apt for this job.

Physician Assistant
The medical sector is the best place to start your career in. the future looks bright in this space and the growth of this sector has been consistently growing over the years. The sector offers a range of varied professions. However, candidates require a degree in medical studies to step in this space.

Veterinary Technicians
These professionals assist in taking care of pet animals. They assess the health and overall well being of the pets and recommend the things required to the owners. They also prescribe medication and other regular precautions to be followed. The profession has seen a considerable rise over the years and the future for this job looks promising.

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