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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Top 10 undervalued jobs in India those have carried value in Western countries

When it comes to education and jobs in India there are a lot of prejudice that weighs down the skill of humble occupations such as the livelihood of a farmers, masons, plumbers, shoe makers or maids.

However the same cannot be said in other countries. Although these assumed ignoble jobs may attribute to scarce wages in India, they are well paid for in foreign lands.

Here are 10 undermined Jobs in India that are just the opposite in foreign lands, reports comes via Indilens News Team .

1. Farmer

Framers provide the fundamental necessity and yet they are bigoted to the point of suicide in India. A harsh truth that blows in the land of cultures which has become quite accustomed in sealing the fate of farmers. 

2. Maid

In India it is a common thing to see working ladies going from house to house cleaning for a minimal wage. These ladies extend their services to washing bathrooms, dishes to chores like mopping, swabbing and sweeping.

3. Brick Mason

Although Indian houses are constructed quite lavishly, mason workers are often undervalued by the overall Indian mentality. Their wages in India as well is a deplorably amount of 322.4 per day however in the U.S. the same job comes with a pay fee of $50,000 a year.

4. Postman

Postal Service Mail Carriers have drastically decreased with the dawn of emails. However the magical powers of the postman’s arrival still illuminates many faces with joy nevertheless as efficient as they are in finding an address, they earn only 5,200 to 20,200. 

5. Plumber

Plumbers add their contribution in making houses leak free from fitting pipes to leaking taps, the degree of which might be messier yet it still continues to hold a low margin of fee. A Plumber’s work can extend to sewage systems, toilets or kitchen.

6. Cobbler

The difference in wage between a Shoe or Leather Worker in the States and that in India is poles apart. They are looked upon with little or no esteem while their skills in mending shoes are considered a peasant’s jobs. 

7. Truck & Bus Drivers

Drivers play a significant role in delivering the economy of the country. Their night job of driving helps deliver the essential seen in everyday stores. However even with the immense pressure of keeping time, driving safe with lack of sleep for long hours at a stretch, they still earn a meager amount which is not in any way justifiable.

8. Security Guard

The potential rise in apartment cultures has opened up the position for security guards throughout the day. Security guards bear a huge burden securing society as well as securing the premises. They are often exploited by big agencies who order them to extend their services. 

9. Waiters

Whether its men or women the service is more or less looked upon as a servant’s job. Be it is a regular café or a reputed hotel, the image of a waiter is also looked through measured eyes of the customers.

10. Barber

Although the salon industry is doing fashionably well in modern day India the position of a barber continue to stand on the grounds of the underappreciated. Furthermore, even though people visit barbers as often as twice a week, their income still retains a minimal because of stereotypical behavior.

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