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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Top 10 Smart Teenagers around the globe and Their creativities on Science Fair

Students these days are have surpassed the typical science projects where papier mache volcanoes or LEGO robots find place. The students have gone beyond the conventional and are showcasing out of the box projects that are inspirational and commendable.

Google recently hosted its 5th Science Fair where brilliant student were provided the opportunity to showcase their awe-inspiring talent and ideas. The science fair serves as a platform to weave young success stories and bring recognition to their outstanding work, reports Business Insider.

Take a look at these 10 amazing teenagers whose science fair projects shone and won prizes this time and over the years.

1. Olivia Hallisey

16 year old, Olivia Hallisey came up with an easier way to diagnose the deadly disease Ebola. Her project carries out a test for the disease and brings out result in 30 minutes without the need of being refrigerated. This innovative project won the first prize this year. With the help of silk fibers the chemical used by her can detect the Ebola antibodies in the blood even while being at room temperature for three weeks long. Her project was awarded $50,000 scholarship by Google.

2. Anurudh Ganesan

Anurudh Ganesan designed a pioneering prototype that makes the transportation of vaccines faster during the critical ‘last leg’ of the journey. His prototype was awarded Lego Education Builder Award. When the vaccine is being transported it is necessary that the temperature of the same is not affected by any means else it loses it effect. However, when there are long distances to cover through rough terrain the cooling solutions are unsustainable.
Ganesan thus, hatched the idea that a low powered simple vapour –compression refrigeration system can be helpful.

3. Eliott Sarrey

Eliott Sarrey designed a gardening robot that brought him the Incubator Award. The 14 year old based out of France designed the robot with a view to maintain a vegetable garden in a restricted time and mobility. The rolling robot can be accessed from his smartphone.

Google awarded him $ 10,000 and mentorship to work on the idea.

4. Girish Kumar

The 17-year-old from Singapore, Kumar, devised a software, RevUP that helps create MCQ from the information drawn from academic websites. The questions are in Fill-in-the-blank form. His invention bagged him a scholarship worth $ 25,000 and mentorship for this idea from Google.

5. Ciara Judge, Sophie Healy-Thow, and Emer Hickey

The teenager trio of Ciara Judge, Sophie Healy-Thow, and Emer Hickey produced a result through their a yearlong research that proves that sprouting of certain seeds can be accelerated by treating them bacteria. The research was a part of their paper on 'Combating the global food crisis: Diazotroph Bacteria as a Cereal Crop Growth Promoter,' which bagged them the grand prize at the Google Science Fair in 2014.

6. Eric Chen

Chen’s project introduced a new advance towards battling ever-expanding strains of the flu considering the emergence of the lethal viruses like H5N1 and H7N9. His project used a computer program and biological testing to identify a chemical that can act as a potent endonuclease inhibitor to prevent the virus from spreading. This young genius has also won the Intel Science Talent Search award.

7. Brittany Wenger

The grand prize winner at the Google Science Fair in 2012, Brittany Wenger came up with an effective diagnose of breast cancer through her combined study of Biology and Computer science. At 17, Brittany Wenger designed an app to help doctors diagnose breast cancer. The cloud based tool’s program written by her aped a brain's neural network.

8. Shreya Bose

This young and brilliant brain was the grand prize winner at Google's first ever Science Fair. She researched on drug-resistant ovarian cancer. Her research found a presence of protein in the cells of the body that prevents the chemotherapy treatment to produce any effect. Her project was based on how this protein can be inhibited to allow the chemotherapy treatment to work.

9. Kenneth Shinozuka

Kenneth Shinozuka’s grandfather is an Alzheimer's patient who faced a number of accidents while out of bed at night. Kenneth Shinozuka thus, had worked on a way to prevent the Alzheimer's patients from wandering at night. His project brought him the Scientific American 'Science in Action' award in 2014. Shinozuka created a system that would notify the caretaker with an alert on the smartphone when the patient is out of bed.

10. Ahmed Mohamed

This 14-year genius clock maker was also a part of the science fair this year. When Mohamed took a homemade clock to school it was mistaken as a bomb and that led to his suspension from school for 3 days. Although he wasn’t an entrant in the science fair, he got a chance to meet the finalists and the biggies of Google.

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