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Friday, 25 September 2015

Top 10 Dishes to Try This Bakhri Eid or Eid-ul-Adha by Indians

Eid-ul-Adha, Greater Eid and most well known as, Bakhri Eid, is the second most important celebration in a Muslim calendar and devotees across the world is celebrating it now. Eid, though a celebration of the Muslim community but the world knows about the scrumptious menu, both food and dessert, they prepare and distribute during their festivals. Irrespective of caste, creed or religion one can try these lip-smacking Eid preparations through a Muslim friend, neighbour or colleague.

Top 10 Dishes to Try This Bakhri Eid or Eid-ul-Adha by Indians

Nowadays even restaurants and food outlets keep in store these Eid goodies for anyone to try. Many want to take a test of thesetantalising menu, but steps back as they are not sure about the names or ingredients of the preparations.

So that you don’t miss these Bakhri Eid special delicacies in this festive season, here are top 10 dishes that are popular ones from Muslim kitchens, as reported by Food Republic.

1. Mutton Chilli Fry

Chunks of meat stirred in limited aromatic spices over long hours making it tender and tasty. You might have tried this before but during Bakhri Eid, the special factor is the long hours of cooking Muslims vent on the same mutton making it more tangy and tempting. Many prefer it with a rice or Indian bread, and some simply start the culinary explore with this.

2. Seekh Kulfi Kebab

As a plate of hot kebab arrives on your table, you can feel the aroma from a distant. Thorough grilling makes this a sticky grill that you will keep on craving for more. A garnish of fresh coriander and chilly on top of the kabab simply adds to your culinary rush. It’s a starter and addition of mint sauce/chutney makes it sensuous for your buds.

3. Batta Ghost (Pasanday)

Originating from the royal kitchens of Moghal emperors, this is a popular meat dish that is also called ‘pasandey’ meaning favorite. It involves long hours of cooking as the meat is hammered over night before being tossed on spices. Many leave the pasandey in kabab form and prefer it as starters. Some add coconut milk and water to it, to make it main course gravy. Mutton or lamb – any kind of meat can be used to prepare this dish.

4. Lebanese Kebab

Lebanese or food from Arab may be a new culture in India. However, the Muslim community had adapted generous recipes from the Arabic countries as luxuries in their kitchen. One of which is their kebabs that is stands out in savor due to over addition of garlic and lime juice. Served on a bed of raw salads, these meat grills has a healthy note as they contain very less oil or butter.

5. Mughlai Keema

Another panache that is borrowed from Moghlai cuisine is the use of minced meat or ‘keema’. At the then times, keema was considered a common man’s staple food and not meant for the classy or wealthy. Now the same is culinary highlight during Eid celebrations. The minced meat is made irresistible with lots of flavored spices and sauces. Its makes a rich and fiery meal.

6. Herbed Roasted Beef

Considered as the national dish of England, this one is marinated beef grilled on fire. Abundant spices and raw materials like raw papaya, yoghurt or lime juice are used to marinated the meat over hours so that when served its tender and zesty. Muslims add herbs like parsley, tarragon, thyme and basil to exaggerate the taste of the beef.

7. Tawa Kaleji

Authentic Tawa Kaleji is prepared by using meat of the animal a Muslim family sacrifices in the Eid celebration. Thus, it’s consumed on the very first day of Eid-Ul-Adha and is prepared using different bona fide recipes by Muslim women. Serving this with Indian breads like paratha and naan, makes it an extra ordinary feast for any food lover. Its indeed oily and spicy, thus, be careful before you go unlimited.

8. Ginger Lamb Chops

Muslims are known to prepare different kinds of meat during Eid celebration. When it comes to lamb, their first choice is Ginger Lamb Chops. Lamb Chops are a culinary delight that many keep feeding on in restaurants throughout the year. Muslims make it stand out from the rest of the year by adding plentiful ginger in cooking process. Garnishing the chops with fresh ginger flakes makes it appetizing and an amusement to human eyes.

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