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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Top 10 Companies That Are On the Hunt for common job seekers

Several top notch companies have earned a trend for their name and have become quite notable in the business world. However while they have benchmark their merit in the industry sector, there are others, just as good, that slipped past your radar, reports Muse.

Top 10 Companies That Are On the Hunt for common job seekers

If you are on the hunt for your dream job, this might just be it!

Here are top 10 companies that bring out the best in you

1. acts as the fuel to ignite dreams of entrepreneurs in order to turn their business into a successful one. Since 2013, the company has provided a vast variety of results-driven courses for startups as well as established brands. They further offer access to experts that are professionals in starting and building exceptional companies.

Melissa Tothero, Director of E-learning said, “ is a company that empowers people through entrepreneurship—by helping they reach their potential.”

2. Waypoint Homes 

From 2008, Waypoint Homes has ensured quick and rewarding rental knowledge for residents around the country. They aim at bringing up the neighborhoods along with people-centered real estate, wherein the companies entrepreneurial teams is expected to perform task that includes acquiring, renovation, lease, and maintenance. They also handle major single-family properties that pertain to developing valuable communities along with new residence as well as empowering people.

Masha Kaddoura, Senior Property Accountant said, “Waypoint Homes is revolutionizing the real estate sector.”

3. Autodesk

Multinational software corporation Autodesk is renowned for its proficiency in engineering, designing software for the architecture, manufacturing, construction as well as media and entertainment industries. The company is now globally leading the 3D design. Autodesk reaches out to customers from various industries and serves them by using their progressive software to visualize, stimulate, and design ideas—way before their products have been made concrete and brought into production.

Fiona Araya-Byrd, Project/Program Specialist said, “It’s mind-blowing what we do here. We’re helping people build the future with our software. ”

4. King Arthur Flour

Leading flour company King Arthur Flour, is an employee-owned American supplier that gives its 100pct commitment to quality when it comes to supplying ingredients, flour, cookbooks, baking mixes, and baked goods. Its dedicated team provides and distributes everything from high quality baking products to educational programs.

Jeffrey Hamelman, Director of Bakery said, “We deeply believe in the power of baking as a force for social unity. Baking brings people together—so what we’re doing is helping to create a community.”

5. Oak Mortgage

Oak Mortgage was established in 2005 as an answer to the fall in responsibility of lending programs. It puts its clients before its profits, the company directs customers to pick the best lending options available to them. The company has established a reputation as a successful hometown lender that provides impeccable customer service and innovative solutions.

Senior Loan Officer Brian McCauley said, “Oak has really instilled in me that it’s not just about increasing production—it’s also about increasing the quality of life.”

6. Outbound Engine

Outbound Engine aids small businesses in establishing themselves by making them more marketable. With talented teams of marketers and a platform of unique technology, OutboundEngine equips its customers with qualities like email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing and drive engagements. 

Jason Greenstein, Senior Sales Manager said “If you want to get into something that has limitless opportunities—and be surrounded by people that have been successful—this is a great place to be”. 

7. Prosper Marketplace

Leading online company, Prosper, is a marketplace to connect with people for consumer credit, in other words those who are in need to borrow money with institutions and people who looking to invest. The company enhances the changes for money lending at a competitive and fair rates, it has generated over $4 billion in personal loans through its platform. 

Allyson Bryant, Director of Product Management said, “Our goal at Prosper is to bring borrowers and investors together in an environment that benefits both.”

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