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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Top 10 Workplace Distractions That Are Practiced Religiously

“To concentrate or not to concentrate, that is the question?!” Time and again we are faced with the laughable self analysis and time management scheduling, wherein (in hopes) that the newly reformed 'us' would actually get down to work only to fail miserably in the hands of procrastination yet again.

Top 10 Workplace Distractions That Are Practiced Religiously

The vile of distraction lurks in the office and seizes our attention every time we try to get the work done. Everything about them is awfully pleasing and entertaining. Despite our resistance to withhold the limited attention span, we are drawn to the horrible yet wonderful side of diversions, reports MensXP.

1. Cell Phones

The evils within the evil! For cell phones have tons of entertainment to keep a person hooked for hours. From calls to messages to every possible thing that grabs your attention, cell phones can put a hold on your work for later. This little monster has the power to destroy your attention and memory span. So get rid of it… or you could just put it on silent either ways, it would do you some good.

2. Social Networking Sites

Curses! The highly addictive news feeds has to surface whenever we decide to resume work. Twitter and Facebook are by far the worst social Medias ever known to man, especially when we are nearing the deadline to turn in a particular work task.

3. E-mails

The multitude of emails that we receive through Gmail, Yahoo or Rediff are as time-consuming as anything else. The incoming email notification immediately puts everything on hold just to respond to it.

4. Chatting in any form

Whether it’s chatting with a co-worker face to face or on chatting applications like Facebook or Gmail, your time is still wasted, hence stop it! Seclusion is good for the soul, at least your work will be completed on time.

5. Tea/Coffee Breaks

Glories Tea or coffee breaks feels like it's god sent, the world looks better after a cup of this delightful drink. However even these breaks can be the root cause of distractions, thats if the amount of breaks exceeds the nornal break time duration. And if you’re a smoker who enjoys puffing away while sipping your drink, then there’s no easy way of saying this but... more or less you’re doomed. 

6. Munching on snacks

“Must eat food” Hunger pangs are probably the worst especially when you feel like your steps are programmed to the cafeteria. The next thing you know you’re munching away and two hours have passed.

7. Personal Issues

Personal issues are another setback that interferes with our work. Be it an unresolved fight with your loved ones, heath issues or loans, personal problems make it variably hard to focus on work and also compromises on the quality of one’s work. 

8. Music

Although music can be the best thing to tune in at work, it brings down the quality of work, whether we think otherwise or not. Most people assume that music helps us focus on a particular task however this puts more stress on the brain as it is stimulated to relax as well as concentrate, in the long run this can lead to a number of problems.

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