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Monday, 13 July 2015

Tablets Make More Sense Than A Traditional Laptop among youths

Till a few years back, a laptop was the go-to thing when it came to getting work done while on the move. But lately, traditional laptops seem to have come face to face with its arch nemesis—the tablet! And moreover, Tablets are finally catching up with laptops when it comes to overall sales. Still, the debate as to which is better is a never ending topic, since tablets and laptops have both got their strengths and weaknesses; however, certain aspects of the tablet make it much better in comparison to a laptop. So shall we have a look?

Tablets Make More Sense Than A Traditional Laptop among youths 

The Lowdown To Consuming Content

The millennials are just addicted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and what not. So imagining someone holding onto a bulky laptop while traveling in the metro or the bus to share an update or a quick snap appears a bit absurd. But, a tablet is not just easier to carry when you are in a mood for a quick update from your social connections but also lets you email, play games, read a digital magazine or a watch your favorite movie, without you ever having to appear ridiculous holding a onto something as big a laptop. In a nutshell, Laptops are great when you are sitting on your desk working on an excel sheet or creating a PowerPoint presentation; not so good when you are trying to relax while traveling back home from work or trying to work done on the move.

Fires Up Quick Lasts Longer

Let’s be honest, how long it takes from the moment you hit the ‘on’ switch on your laptop to actually being able to use it? Let’s assume around 5 minutes if you are firing it up and around 3 minutes if you are trying to wake it up from its slumber A.K.A sleep mode (with all the applications still running). A tablet on the other hand is always ready to please you, just hit the ‘Wakey-Wakey’ button and the screen comes to life without the wait and smoldering. Another cool thing about the tablet is its battery backup; wherein a single charge can last up to 8 hours, plus there’s always the additional standby time, which means that the tablet you are holding in your hands is going to outrun your laptop any day when it comes to battery life.

Robust Security And Longevity

Tablets are little pieces of gadgetry, which come packed with almost all the perks of a laptop, including security. Major antivirus vendors like Kaspersky, Norton and MacAfee have specially designed software to address the needs of tablet users. Which means that your data is protected by the same level of sophistication as that of your laptop. When it comes to longevity, all the major tablet manufacturers make use of Corning Gorilla Glass, which is an industry standard in toughened glass; however a particular brand, the Panasonic tablet Toughpad has gone a step further and introduced the same level of endurance as is found in their famed Toughbook series, making their tablet one of the most toughened products on the market available today. And it is products like these which are giving laptops a run for their money, because when a tablet becomes more fortified than most of the laptops available in the market, things start changing.

Productivity At Par With Laptops

With applications such as the Quickoffice and Documents to Go arriving on the scene; tablets have evolved to a whole new level. Also Cloud based storage options mean that your tablet’s storage space is no longer a constraint and you can expand it exponentially using applications such as the Dropbox, SkyDrive and the Google Drive. Also, with a range of productivity applications available on both the Play Store and the Apple Store, your tablet will have an infinitely huge list of applications at your disposal compare to a laptop.

While the few pointers that we discussed are just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more that a tablet can do. The simplicity of using one, coupled with the robustness, security and enhanced productivity of a laptop; tablet is a gadget that is slowly evolving to become the next big thing. It’s only a matter of time, before we start seeing majority of the people leaving the laptops on their desks and flaunting their tablets instead.

Author's views: 

It’s not really a matter of whether tablets are better than laptops or vice versa. It’s about what type of device is right for the job at hand, which is why plenty of people own a laptop and a tablet. But if you’re wondering whether a slate or a notebook is the better gift–or you only have the budget to choose one device or the other–it comes down to what the user plans to do with it. Tablets are better for play and some work, and laptops are better for work and some play.

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