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Monday, 4 May 2015

PM Narendra Modi shares Nepal's pain, calls it "beloved brother"

New Delhi(ANI): Sharing the "pain" of quake-devastated Nepal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today hoped that the "beloved brother" bounces back quickly from its current crisis even as he observed that the task of recovery was long and arduous.

"We should share the pain and wipe the tears of people of Nepal," Modi said while referring to the devastation caused in the birthplace of Lord Buddha on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

He was addressing a gathering here on 'Buddha Purnima' where one-minute silence was observed in memory of those killed in the massive earthquake in Nepal and India.

"The birthplace of Lord Buddha, our beloved brother Nepal is going through a massive crisis. People of Nepal have to bear this difficult situation. It is difficult to imagine how long and arduous this journey will be. We share the pain of the people of Nepal. Let us pray to Lord Buddha that they get new strength," he said.

Invoking Lord Buddha, he said his teaching of compassion inspires one to rebuild lives.

India has deployed massive resources, including military forces, for rescue and relief operations in Nepal.

Modi also said the world is going through "turmoil" and added the teachings of Lord Buddha can show the way out.

"Violence is at its peak. Major part of the world is soaked in blood....People are baying for each other's blood.

In this situation of bloodshed, where will the message of compassion come from? The only resort is Lord Buddha and his teachings," the Prime Minister said.

He cited how Buddha, who was born as a prince, renounced the wordly things like power and wealth to seek salvation through spiritualism 2500 years back.

"Some people think power and prosperity are good enough to solve all problems.... But Lord Buddha renounced all these to seek greater powers through love and compassion for welfare of humanity. This thought is not small. He must have been having big conviction and courage to renounce all these," Modi said.

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