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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Mohammed Azharuddin's biopic to include controversial match-fixing episode

Mumbai(web team): Former India captain Mohammed Azharuddin's biopic 'Azhar' will have a touch of the controversial subject of match-fixing issue that rocked world cricket in 2000. It was revealed at the teaser launch of the film here on Thursday.

Dressed in grey shirt and black pant, Azhar was his usual self with his collar up and chewing gum while he walked up to the stage alongside lead actor of the movie Emraan Hashmi, director Tony D'Souza and producer Ekta Kapoor while son Asaddudin sat in the audience.

In the teaser, Emraan, donning blue colour India jersey, as 'Azhar' reveals three aspects of his life. 'God, his two marriages and match-fixing' while leaving the dressing room donning his trademark white helmet, with collar up and pads on, on way to take the crease.

"These three aspects of my life have been very important to me. I think they will show all the three aspects very nicely and I would like to revisit them because it is attached to my life," the 52-year-old Azhar said.

Asked what element of match-fixing will be added to the movie, Azhar said: "It is very hard for me to say about it right now. Once you watch the film after it is made, you will get a better perspective. At this point I can't say much."

Azhar revealed that it took time for him to be convinced on whether to give a go ahead for the biopic. "My first reaction was like I didn't understand what to say. It took some time for me to be convinced. Being a close friend of Ekta's father Jeetendra sir I kept thinking about it. Then I finally said yes. I think the decision is right and that's why I am here."

Did he find anything objectionable in the script? "If I would find something objectionable, then I would not have done it. The writers have written the script after talking to me and with my inputs hence I have no objections," he added.

In the teaser, Emraan is seen wearing the famous black talisman (taveez) around his neck that the India captain used to wear while batting. Revealing the secret behind the talisman, Azhar said: "It was gifted to me by my grandfather. He asked me never to open it. I don't know what is there inside since I did not open. Since it was given to me by him, it remains close to me and is the same."

Meanwhile, Hashmi said he's working hard to get Azhar's favourite flick shot right. "I was an average gully cricketer who would swing the bat without any footwork. When Azharbhai started to teach me, I got better after a month. We have been practicing for three months and playing around 50 overs every day and knocking the ball. I want to perfect the leg glance. It was my favourite shot for which you need a wrist like rubber. Since I was doing weight training, I could not move my wrist but now I am doing yoga to get there."

With speculations going around who would play Azhar's two wives – Naureen and Sangeeta, Kapoor said they have not finalised any and would decide soon.

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