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Friday, 22 May 2015

LIVE IPL 8: Qualifier 2 - CSK v/s RCB - Du Plessis, Hussey fire for Chennai

CSK lock horns with RCB at Ranchi in a do-or-die match which will see the winner advancing to the final
CSK clash with RCB at Ranchi in Qualifier 2

Over 7

CSK - 39 for 0

5 off it.

Runs coming in ones and twos aplenty.

CSK are on cruise-control mode.

Wiese is the bowler.

Over 6

CSK - 34 for 1

6 off the over.

Aravind is the bowler.

BRILLIANT! Wiese makes a superb diving stop near the boundary which means only three runs taken.

Over 5

CSK- 28 for 1

5 off the over.

SUPERB HOOK! That one flies away to deep-fine leg...Mr Cricket gets in groove!

Harshal to bowl this over.

Over 4

CSK - 23 for 1

2 off it.

Bad news for RCB as Du Plessis is the dangerman now...he can easily win this one on his own.

DROPPED! Du Plessis' edge is spilled by Gayle at for CSK.

CSK - 21 for 1

Aravind gets the breakthrough.

Whips it straight into Starc's hands at deep-fine leg.

WICKET! Smith goes for the fightback starting for RCB?

Over 3

CSK - 21 for 0

11 off a good over for CSK.

RCB look demoralized already...they need to pull up their socks and fight back.

Smith times that beautifully through deep-cover....two fielders in chase...but the ball beats them to the boundary.

Over 2

CSK - 10 for 0

7 off the over.

And Smith hits the first boundary of the innings...cuts it past the bowler to long-off.

Aravind is the bowler.

Over 1

CSK - 3 for 0

3 off it.

By the looks of it RCB need a massive bowling effort tonight.


Starc is the bowler.

Cake walk for CSK tonight?

Smith and Hussey have walked in to bat.

21:49 IST Friday, 22 May 2015

A terrific bowling effort from CSK which has seen them peg RCB to a modest 139 for 8.

Nehra's three-wicket haul proved to be vital especially his two wicket burst which sent off Kohli and De Villiers.

Apart from Gayle's fighting 41, Karthik's 28 and Sarfaraz's fine 31, RCB never stood up to the occassion and finished with a whimper.

Easy work for CSK now?

Over 20

RCB - 139 for 8

End of Innings.

Swing and Miss by Aravind.

Last ball.

RCB - 139 for 8

GONE! Sarfaraz goes after a fine 31...scopps it to the man at point.

Two to go.

Single by Starc.

RCB - 137 for 7

RUN-OUT! And Dhoni's throws shatters the stumps....Harshal is dismissed off a wide ball. audacious switch-hit by Sarfaraaz...innovative.


Whipped away through covers....the fielder at the boundary could only watch is rocket away.

Sarfaraz on strike.

Bravo is bowling the final over.

Over 19

RCB - 131 for 6

One over to go.

Flicked away over mid-wicket by Sarfaraz...terrific timing for the boundary.

Harshal Patel is the new batsman....RCB definitely have a huge task come the CSK innings.

RCB - 125 for 6

GONE! Wiese's top-edge falls safely in Bravo's hands...another wicket falls.

Mohit is the bowler...RCB will defintely go all out now!

Over 18

RCB - 124 for 5

SPILLED! Du Plessis makes a meal of a simple catch offered by Sarfaraz.

SIX! Wiese smashes that into the deep-mid wicket crowd....88 meters.

He is taking pace off the ball to deny RCB the big hits.

Bravo is the bowler.

It has been a battle between Bravo and Nehra for the Purple Cap.

Over 17

RCB - 113 for 5

6 off the over.

David Wiese is the new batsman in.

A three-wicket haul for Nehrajee tonight..superb!

RCB - 107 for 5

GONE! And Karthik's shoots that full-toss into deep-mid wicket's hands....he goes for 28.

Whacked down the track off Nehra...amazing timing.

Karthik has the ability to pile on runs from now on.

Over 16

RCB - 103 for 4

13 off a good over for RCB.

And RCB cross 100....can they hammer big ones in the closing stages?

FOUR AGAIN! Smacked down the track off Jadeja...Sarfaraz is fighting back!

Makes room and hammers that over off by Sarfaraz...good shot for four.

Over 15

RCB - 90 for 4

4 off the over.

Negi is the bowler.

Quick thinking by Sarfaraz...two runs scrambled off.

Over 14

RCB - 86 for 4

Single to end the over.

Sarafaraz Khan is the new batsman...can the young lad play out a great knock?

RCB - 80 for 4

And his luck runs out...Gayle departs after a fighting 41....skied it into Raina's hands...easy take.

92 meters.

SIX AGAIN! This one is carted over long-off...Gayle is firing big time now.

Raina is the bowler.

A comeback on cards here? 86 meters that one by Gayle over mid-wicket.

Over 13

RCB - 67 for 3

Good over by Bravo...only two off it

23 wickets for him so far in IPL 8....kudos!

The Purple Cap holder is in to bowl...Dwayne Bravo.

Over 12

RCB - 65 for 3

13 off a good over for RCB.

RCB need to mix caution with aggression and play out the full 20 overs.

FOUR AGAIN! And Karthik's shot rockets past the diving fielder at cover...superb shot.

Good shot.

FOUR! Karthik releases some pressure with one smacked away through mid-wicket.

Over 11

RCB - 52 for 3

Single to end the over.

He has adapted superbly to the situation.

Gayle is on 25 from 34 balls.

RCB reach 50...they have a long way to go tonight.

And we have Danny Morrison at his energetic tone as interview with Kumar Sangakkara in the commentary box.

Over 10

RCB - 46 for 3

Single to end the over.

RCB are motoring on.

He probably wants to save overs for Ashwin for the latter part of the match.

Suresh Raina is in to bowl...surprising choice by Dhoni?


Over 9

RCB - 41 for 3

Only 3 off Mohit's over.

Meanwhile Gayle has lowered down to first gear...slow and steady.

A good mix of pace and spin by CSK...has proved to be a lethal concotion as for now!

Over 8

RCB - 38 for 3

Only 2 off the over.

CSK are looking dangerous.

He has a mission at hand rescue RCB's sinking ship.

DK is in...Dinesh Karthik.

RCB - 36 for 3

He departs for 4...superb catch by Hussey.

Why was that sweep ever required by Mandeep?

Ashwin strikes...Mandeep's sweep falls into Hussey's hands near fine-leg.

Over 7

RCB - 36 for 2

And he ends the over with a well hit boundary.

Gayle is getting runs by singles...he needs to stabilize the innings.

It will be interesting to see as to how Gayle plays under pressure now.

Mohit is the new bowler in the attack.

Over 6

RCB - 29 for 2

4 off the over.

Good ball..Ashwin is turning the ball unusually tonight.

Ashwin is in to bowl.

New man Mandeep Singh and Gayle have some taske at hand to ressurect RCB.

Over 5

RCB - 25 for 2

De Villiers is trapped leg-before and departs for 1.

BIG WICKET! And this time Nehra gets his man...that one angled in sharply and rapped De Villiers on his pads.

Nehra has been excellent so far...good line and length.

Close...Nehra shouts hoarse for a leg-before appeal against AB De Villiers...but it is turned down.

RCB - 23 for 1

Kohli walks off after cursing himself for a soft dismissal....he goes for 12

This is a big breakthrough for CSK...Kohli spoons a catch to Mohit at short-fine leg.

Nehrajee stirkes...snaps up Kohli!

Over 4

RCB - 23 for 0

End of Over.

Good turn by Ashwin...Gayle leaves a brilliant off-break alone to the keeper.

Gayle is on 11 and Kohli is on 12.

He is playing him off sedately.

And Gayle is having some problems reading Ashwin here.

Ashwin is back...will spin work against RCB?

Over 3

RCB - 21 for 0

Dot ball to end a great over for RCB.


Smacked away by Kohli...This one flies away for a 83 meter six over long-on.

Kohli lets rip here...whacks that through mid-wicket for a boundary...superb shot.

19 wickets for Nehrajee so far in IPL 8.

Slow start so far by RCB standards.

Nehra is back.

Over 2

RCB - 11 for 0

Five off the over.

Just short of the fielder at Gully...good reverse flick by Gayle which trickles to the boundary.

Good turn by Ashwin who is looking good for a wicket.

Can he stop a potential 'Gayle Storm' tonight?

R Ashwin is brought in to negotiate the Gayle threat.

Over 1

RCB - 6 for 0

Dot ball to end the over.

Smacked by Gayle but the ball rebounds off his foot...No run.

The umpire finally confirms it after a referral.

Edged away for a six by Gayle...that one flew off his blade over covers.

Dot ball.

Nehra to Gayle.

Chris Gayle and Virat Kohli have strode in...can they unleash themselves tonight?

20:04 IST Friday, 22 May 2015

Matt Henry had a terrific day in the Lords test against England...a four-wicket haul for the Kiwi pacer...a missed chance for CSK?

19:58 IST Friday, 22 May 2015

Trivia - Yuzvendra Chahal of RCB has also represented India in World Youth Chess Championships and has a FIDE rating of 1900+.

Mind boggling!

19:45 IST Friday, 22 May 2015

Home game?

By the looks of a not so full stadium, it certainly does not look like one for CSK.

19:43 IST Friday, 22 May 2015

CSK - DR Smith, MEK Hussey, F du Plessis, SK Raina, MS Dhoni*†, DJ Bravo, RA Jadeja, P Negi, R Ashwin, MM Sharma, A Nehra

RCB - CH Gayle, V Kohli*, AB de Villiers, Mandeep Singh, KD Karthik†, SN Khan, D Wiese, MA Starc, HV Patel, YS Chahal, S Aravind

19:40 IST Friday, 22 May 2015

And MS Dhoni has won the toss and choses to bowl first...why did not he opt to bat considering it is a home game for them tonight?

Welcome to LIVE coverage of Qualifier 2 of IPL 8 which has CSK facing RCB at Ranchi.

Here is the Match Preview of the game which is essentially a do-or-die contest for both sides.

CSK will aim to bounce back from their loss to MI in Qualifier 1 and have the home support to boot for.

RCB on the other hand virtually gunned down RR in their Eliminator tie recently which has given MS Dhoni's side a lot to ponder about before the big game.

CSK coach Stephen Fleming has called for his side's top-order to fire and it would be interesting to see as to whether Dhoni's side can manage to ward off the strong RCB attack.

The loss to MI has severely dented CSK's momentum and it will take a strong effort from them tonight to beat RCB and set up another date with MI in the final at Eden Gardens.

Of course the highlight of the game will be as to how RCB's world-class batting line-up play tonight and it will be a virtual treat to watch Virat Kohli and co. taking the game to CSK's bowlers.

Do expect Mr 360 degrees...AB De Villiers to put on another batting masterclass tonight and getting him out will be of utmost importance for CSK's bowlers.

So with the action all set to unfold...the winner qualifies for the final at Eden Gardens whereas the loser goes home!

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