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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

'Modi insults India' trends on Twitter as Chinese mouthpiece ignores PM’s foreign diplomacy

New Delhi (web team): Prime Minister Narendra Modi's diplomatic efforts with China turned sour on Tuesday with a leading Chinese government mouthpiece saying that not many foreign direct investments are coming to India.

Image courtesy: scoopwhoop.com

According to the mouthpiece, “"For the moment, there is little evidence of success for foreign investments from private enterprises. Economy a dilemma for globe-trotting Modi. Relentless efforts at major power diplomacy. In the end, if any country tries to encourage investments to India, most of the programmes will be led by the government itself, with most of the private business sector skeptical about the whole idea."

Half of the time in abroad. Ret of the time in front of camera. PM of India become laughing stock.

The Chinese media also pointed out that the daily hard-nosed assessment of the country stops investors from doing promising business in India.

This is how you keep us EMBARRASSED camera savvy PM

The article also targeted disappointing power failures, lack of decent roads and ports for transportation.

Maharana Pratap was ashamed being an Indian until Modi became PM!

“Labour unrest occurs from time to time. Attracting investments against such backdrop will prove to be a major problem," it added.
The mouthpiece barely two days after Modi’s visit to the ‘Dragon Kingdom’ comes as a jolt to those Indians who are expecting much out of the foreign tour.

India was not ashamed despite your shenanigans in Gujarat. India is more, much more than you can ever understand

Meanwhile, it gives another issue to the opposition who has time and again targeted PM for spending much on his foreign tours.
The shaming act by Chinese act also led to a trend on Twitter with people adding remarks using hashtag ‘Modi insults India’

Ppl may dislike many things happening in India.Go abroad for better opportunities.But they're NOT ashamed of being Indian.

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