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Saturday, 16 May 2015

I became boring and fat: Actor R Madhavan

R Madhavan on the reason behind his three-year long sabbatical. He says he won’t compromise on the quality of films he does even if it means taking a sabbatical. And that is exactly what R Madhavan did when he took a three-year break to work on rediscovering himself.

The Tanu Weds Manu Returns actor says, “I had become a boring actor in my own eyes. I had become fat, I wasn’t looking fit at all. I took a three year break to work on myself. To transcend that gap and reinvent myself. And I am glad it worked for me. Even if it wouldn’t have worked for me, it was a big risk that I took. It paid off and I had two films waiting for me when I came back. My wife was supportive of my decision and that obviously helped.” In the same breath he adds, “I could also afford to take that time off because I am not here for money. I don’t need a release once in three months.”

Remind him that he has done just over ten films in 15 years in Bollywood and he says he is never in a hurry. Never was and never will be. “I know I have been elusive but pick any of my films and you will instantly take my name after the title. I am my film’s identity and that is my only endeavour,” he explains. The actor who graduated from South to Bollywood, still juggles the two industries but over the past five years, his loyalties have tilted towards Hindi films. “I am being accussed of abondoning the South industry. I have just done one Tamil film in the past five years as opposed to three Hindi films. But I am happy with the accusations as it only means people want to still see me,” Maddy smiles.

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