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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Google claims their self-driving cars accidents not company's fault

Google has come to the rescue of their self-driving cars, after reports claimed they were involved in 11 accidents in the past nine months, saying that it was never the fault of their cars.

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The tech giant company published a post on Backchannel on Tuesday, clarifying that seven accidents involved another vehicle rear-ending the Google car, two were sideswipes, and one involved another car that ran a red light, the Verge reported.

However, it is believed that Google clarifying the accidents is a PR stunt and a smart message to get out into the world right now, as city, state, and federal governments struggle to wrangle the nightmarish web of regulation that will be required to make truly autonomous vehicles road-legal.

Google and other companies who have been working on this technology have showed that the technology exist to prevent these cars from hitting people, other cars, bicyclists, and to generally make sure they are not doing stupid things on the road.

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