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Friday, 3 April 2015

Veteran CPM Leader Gets Call: Welcome To BJP

Visakhapatnam/Orissa (IE): As veteran CPM leader from Orissa Janardan Pati was gearing up for his crucial party congress in Visakhapatnam, scheduled later this month, he received a call from an unknown number on the evening of March 22.

CPM leader gets call: Welcome to

An unsuspecting Pati answered the call and was promptly informed by a recorded voice that he has become a "primary member of BJP". After he cut the call, the CPM leader claimed he received a message welcoming him to the BJP along with a membership number. This was part of the BJP's 'missed call membership drive', which helped the saffron outfit become the largest party in the world in terms of membership.

In Pati's case, however, it wasn't even a missed call. The CPM leader claimed he simply got a call in which a recorded message from the state BJP president, Kanak Vardhan Singh Deo, welcomed him to the party. "I got no missed call. I got a call which I answered. I did not message or call them from my side," Pati told The Indian Express. Welcoming him to THE BJP on his personal mobile.

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