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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Small Wonder Child Asthajita and Her Songs

Guwahati,Shazida Khatun: The small wonder from the North East regional state of Assam who was showered with the blessing of legendary artist (music composer, director,actor,politician, literature etc) Dr Bhupen Hazarika.Yes friends she is none of except Asthajita Nanda Bordoloi who is popularly known as Asthajita.Her first Album has comes in market in 2007 named as " Tumar Ganor kolat" [ In the lap of your Melody ] which consists 8 evergreen songs of Dr.Bhupen Hazarika.She was at only 3 years old at that time and most interesting thing is that the album is produced by Sa Re Ga Ma ,HMV. It also mentioned that she is the youngest artist in the 110 years History of HMV. Releasing the album , a veteran Bollywood director Kalpana Lazmi and Anandji [Anandji of Kalyanji-Anandji] said about her as a " Child of Nature" and " Gift of Sarwasti"as her talent has deeply impressed the director. 

Her second album was released on 7th Dec, 2008 by the famous Film Actress Mahima Chaudhury and it was "Ganor Prabhat Asthajita" [ Asthajita in the stream of singing ] which creates a huge accolades from the people . Her singing style and talented audio visual mastery attracted the attention of Union Ministry of Woman and Child Development ,Ned Delhi. The Ministry of Woman and Child Development has awarded her "The National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement " in 2009 for the ability of singing .

She is continuing singing with her third Hindi Album as "Aa gaya savera" which contains 6 songs, produced by Venus Production and it is dedicated to world peace ,children dreams and their daily chores.This album includes one of the evergreen track of Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha "Mor jeevanor akashote indradhenu gorim " which is translated by famous Bollywood lyric Sammer in Hindi as "Jeevan ke akash mein " .

Big B Amitabh Bachachan wrote on 28th November,2008 in his letter to Asthajita " My dear Asthajita ,it is with great pleasure and admiration that I learn of your special talent. Congratulations, at such a tender age a second album.You have been specially blessed by the Almighty and I would not be surprised if you could feature in the Guinness Books of World Records.You have my prayers .Keep up with good works .Your's is a unique journey and you will surely experience grand accolades and acclaim whilst traversing it" [ Letter scanned :: Apurba Kumar Das ]

So we can easily recognize her how talent she is ! Nanda Benerjee,the musical guru of Asthajita has expressed deep satisfaction for her rising as a wonder child artist .Nrityacharya Jatin Goswami says in a letter that her singing style and common methodical rendition is acceptable for common people. On the eve of release her another album "Bahe Bhaikunthar Nizara" [ Stream Fall of Heaven ], prominent artist and president of Satra Mahasabha has expressed praise to her works and rendition of her songs.Another evergreen singer couple Archana Mahanta and Khanen Mahanta wrote to her as saying that she could be included in Guinness Books of World Records where they have failed to be featured .

The album "Bahe Bhaikunthar Nizara" is produced by Elorananda Bordoloi and distributed by Sanyug Enterprise.

Asthajita's albums :-

1. Tumar Ganor kolat
a. Asom Amar Rupahi 
b. Bistirna Parare
c. Manuhe Manuhar Babe
d. hitore hameka raati
and more 3 are available on Youtube

2. Ganor Prabhat Asthajita

a. Mur dekhor mati
and more 5 songs on Youtube

3. Aa gaya savera

a. Ganga Behti ho kyun
c. murga boli tugu tugu
more 3 other songs avaible on Youtube

4. Bahe Bhaikunthar Nizara

a. Tejore kamalapati
b. Kanair kamal mukh
c. Dayar thakur hari
All songs are available on Youtube

About Asthajita's parents :-

Maramti Bordoloi and Elorananda (Rajbongshi) Bordoloi are happy couple who look after the wonder child Asthajita.


The couple originally from Nagaon but their present resident is Guwahati and Asthajita also was born in Guwahati on November 2, 2004.Asthajita is a student of Sur Sangam Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, India Carbon Ltd., Guwahati and musical guru Nanda Banerjee's effort in moulding this musical kid till now has been phenomenal, to say the least one position as house hold name in Assam.
Aasthajita Nanda Bordoloi was showered with blessings by the legendary music director and singer our Bhupenda (Dr Bhupen Hazarika) on April 21,2007 at his Nizarapar residence,Guwahati and after listening to the tiny tot singing, the icon declared her as a ‘wonder child’ of Assam .


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