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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Nikon announces new product J5 with 20.8mp and 4K videos shoot

Japanese electronics company Nikon has introduced a new camera J5, which is a part of its 1 J ensemble.

According to the Engadget, J5 is a compact, powerful camera which is part of its 1 series of mirror-less hardware. The J5 comes with a 20.8-megapixel, VFI CMOS sensor (DC format), an XP5A image processor, ISO range of 1600 to 12,800 and support for NFC and WiFi.

J5 has a 3 inch, high-resolution flip-up LCD display that Nikon says is perfect for selfies and groupies, since it can tilt up to 180 degrees vertically.

J5 can record 1080p at 30/60 fps and there is also an option for 120 fps but that is for 720p. Nikon made the J5 capable of capturing 4K videos, but it can only do so at 15 fps. The continuous-shooting mode can shoot up to 20 fps with focus enabled, or 30 and 60 fps if it's locked.

Also, the standard kit comes with the 10-30mm power zoom lens.

J5 can take up to 250 shots in one time charging of the battery.

Nikon has not yet announced release date of this product which will start retailing at USD 500.

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