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Monday, 27 April 2015

Micro job market : Seoclerks Freelancing offers $5 Free Coupon

New York City, Purbiata Ditecha: Freelancer and freelancing are supplementary of each other now these days. But why both are become household name around the globe? The reply is very simple because freelancing has no bondage of 9/5 official works. After World Wide Web coming existence, maximum jobs seekers are become more interested in freelancing works and they already have become freelancers. Fiverr is the pioneer in freelancing market but it has many more limitation for freelancers as well as employers. So, some other almost similar websites have come to online freelancing market where Seoclerks is the one of them.

What is SEOClerks

One of the best online freelancing market place SEOClerks is founded by Jordan DeLozier in first quarter of 2011 and it operates under the banner of the company IonicWare Inc.  Latest trend says that the SEOClerks has paid more than $2.5 million to more than 210,000 freelancers globally, those are listing their services for sale on the site along with their other sister sites. The SEOClerks acts as a mediator or place where people sell and buy their needs related to search engine optimization (SEO) services mainly for their websites but sellers and buyers can sale and purchase other related works too with an affordable price.

How does Seoclerks work?

Simply Sign up with seoclerks and list your services or purchase your needs.

·         No limitation on pricing of services ($1 to more than $1000)

·         Payment 9 to 1 days after order completion (depends on your Level)

·         Can Create Instant Downloads

·         Can Create Subscription Services

·         Ability to delete public comments on services

·         Larger instant Withdraw Limit

·         Withdraw 8 to 31 times per 30 days (depends on your Level)

·         Withdraw as little as $5 to $10 (depends on your Level)

·         For new accounts you can get $5 coupon to get started.


There is a wide range of work that falls into the category of search engine optimization, from Article Writing, Bulk Link Building, Blogs, Forum Posts, Social Media, and much more. So a company that handles all of its Article Writing can outsource their Forum Posts and Social Media at an affordable rate, or whatever you need. You just have to sign up for free and list anything you can do under the following categories: Article translation, Article writing, Audio & Music, Blog comments, Link building, Blogs, Design, Forum Post, Forum signature, Graphic, Gaming, Programming, Questions & Answers, Social networks, Web 2.0 and even more.

SEOClerks is a marketplace for buying and selling freelance search engine optimization services that help websites get higher rankings on sites such as Google. From the very start it was focused. People starting out on this website are rated a User Level 1. This is not an indication of the quality of their work, but rather the number of jobs they have successfully completed while working with the website.

More interestingly Seoclerks offers 20% lifetime referral income on referrals. Even new users get $5 free account balance via which new users can buy anything as their needs. Such as –

Get 30000 Twitter real looking followers for FREE (use your account balance $5)

Pros & cons:

Seoclerks offers the cheapest and affordable SEO services to small and medium scale entrepreneurs as well as marketers along with bloggers. Their verities of payment system make transaction easiest for common users.

Nothing is perfect in the world, so Seoclerks also has a few cons such as maximum services are unverified and blackhat as well as users are also unverified.

N.B: New users must have to mail author with their Seoclerks user id at purbitaditecha@live.com to get $5 free coupon code. Offer valid till 28 April/2015. 

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