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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Bollywood Celebrities pick the iconic roles they would love to play

Mumbai(dna): Some actors live the characters they play so well, it's hard to imagine anybody else in their parts. But it doesn't stop stars from wishing they had played those parts. We asked actors what iconic roles they'd have loved to play. And the answers are as eclectic as they are surprising. A mixed bag at best, here's how they picked their fav characters...

Alia Bhatt
Picked: Anju/Manju (ChaalBaaz), Benazir (Khuda Gawah)
Why: I am not sure I will be able to do it, but I would live to play Sridevi in Chaalbaaz. I saw the film recently and I was bowled over by her sheer talent. She played both diametrically opposite roles so beautifully. Another film I was very impressed with was Khuda Gawah. I did a horse riding sequence for Shandaar recently and I was so scared, even after I underwent all that training, In Khuda Gawah, she has so many horse-riding sequences and she seems so much at ease. I don't think I can do justice to any of her roles but I would like to reprise her on the big screen.

Emraan Hashmi
Picked: Howard Hughes (The Aviator)
Why: I pick Leonardo DiCaprio's role in Martin Scorsese's The Aviator, based on the life of Howard Hughes. His character is weird and bizarre and his obsessive-compulsive disorder is what makes him increasingly unstable. His idiosyncrasies is what makes playing him such a challenge.

Sushant Singh Rajput
Picked: Bhuvan (Lagaan), Liak (Badlapur)
Why: I wish I could play Aamir Khan's role from Lagaan. Nawazuddin Siddiqui's character in Badlapur was brilliant, too.

Shilpa Shetty
Picked: Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight
Why: I'm dying to do a full-blown action-oriented role. Something like Geena Davis's role in The Long Kiss Goodnight where she plays a woman who suffers from amnesia and soon recovers her very violent past memories

Sushmita Sen
Picked: Any role in Dibakar Banerjee film, Shashi Godbole (English Vinglish)
Why: At this stage in life, I have to do a kickass film. It has to challenge me. I'd love to be part of a Dibakar Banerjee film. I bow down to Sridevi when I see films like English-Vinglish. She is one of the reasons I become an actress. I would have loved to do something like that.

Kalki Koechlin
Picked: Rani (Queen), Marilyn Monroe, VIctoria Ocampo
Why: I was very impressed with Kangana Ranaut in Queen. She played the part so beautifully. And I would also loved to play Marilyn Monroe on screen. That would be a challenge. I've played Victoria Ocampo, the Argentine writer and intellectual, who shared a close relationship with Rabindranath Tagore in my play Colour Blind. That's another role I'd like to play on film. Main Bhi Woh! / I wish I were...
Celebrities pick the iconic roles they'd love to play

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