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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Air Canada to begin direct flights to Delhi

Canada(ANI): Air Canada has announced that it will begin direct flights from Toronto to New Delhi, the first non-stop flight travelling between the North American country and India, starting November.

This information was given during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's meeting with his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper, as well as the nation's corporate heads.

The Air Canada website confirmed the announcement.

"Introducing flights to Delhi aboard our 787 Dreamliner starting November 2015. With new flights from Toronto to Delhi we will be offering the only non-stop flight from Canada to India," a message on the website read.

Earlier, Canadian businessmen, who were looking forward to a CEO summit meet during Prime Minister Modi's visit, felt neglected and left out. The Canada-India Business Council and the Toronto Board of Trade had apparently been working to organise such an event at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto on Thursday, where they wanted to host both Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Harper, somewhat similar to what was organised during the Paris and Germany legs of the Prime Minister's three-nation, nine-day-long overseas tour.

However, scheduling issues led to the event being scrapped.

Mr. Modi has been pitching for FDI for his pet project of 'Make in India' and attracting more investments from Canada is high on the agenda. Bilateral trade between India and Canada is merely US dollars 5.7 billion.

Canada and India currently share a rather meek business relationship. Not even one per cent of Canadian exports currently ship to India, with goods exports around 3.1 billion dollars in 2014 — less than one-sixth what Canada exports to China.

Canada's Global Markets Action Plan identified India as a priority market, with a burgeoning economy and roughly 11 million people under 30 entering the workforce each year, according to a report filed by the web site

India has for years remained the largest market for Canada's pulses (grain legumes such as lentils and peas), and Canada also supplies lumber and potash.

India celebrated the year 2012 as year of India in Canada to promote business, cultural and political relations with India.

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