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Friday, 27 March 2015

Gujarat police launches probe against pigeon

New Delhi, Manan Kumar(DNA): A strange fax from paranoia stricken Gujarat police has posed a challenge before the union home ministry babus- what to do with it -- whether to laugh it off or order a probe against pigeons.

The fax report by superintendent of police, Dwarka in Gujarat to Additional DGP (Anti Terrorism Squad), Ahmedabad, Inspector general Coast Security, that finally landed at union home ministry in Delhi raises serious question marks on finding a pigeon drinking water from the bowl under the syntax tank of a jetty, about 5 nautical miles from the shore of Salaya Essar jetty on March 20.

The report says the pigeon was not afraid of the security guards and when they caught it, it was found to be having a chip on one leg and a number 28733 written on the ring on the other leg. It also had some Urdu words scribbled on its wings.

Perplexed, they duly handed over the pigeon to the Coast Guard of Vadinar coastal town the next day for further investigations. The Coast Guard, after two days of investigations could not make a head or tail of it and on March 23, handed it over in the custody of Vadinar marine police station.

After duly entering details of the pigeon in the daily diary, they police station called the forensic officer who took of the ring and the chip from pigeon's legs and sent them to the forensic science laboratory of Gandhinagar.
The analysis of chip revealed Benjing Dual written on it that after Google search proved to be a kind of race of the pigeons to which the pigeon belonged.

Soon the investigators managed to decipher the words written on the feathers of the pigeon that meant Rasul-ul-Allah (Prophet of God).

To ascertain more facts and solve the mystery, the paranoid police called forest officials for opinion who opined that such pigeons are found mostly in northern India and used for race in foreign countries.

“As per their opinion the pigeon might have missed out the ship somewhere in the deep sea and in search of drinking water might have reached the shore of Salaya essar jetty,” the report said.

But this does not seem to have satisfied the Gujarat police as it says that this is primary information and further investigations are still going on. Poor pigeon!

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