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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Cricket World Cup 2015 Semifinal India v/s Australia: Australia beat India by 95 runs to make fi

Australia have won convincingly. They batted extremely well to score 328 against an Indian attack that bowled reasonably well. Then Dhawan got going, but Australia turned the match around in about 13 overs through four wickets. India will rue some poor shots - Rohit, Raina, and some players out of form who went unnoticed in the juggernaut towards the semis - Kohli, Rahane. Really, after Raina was out it was about either a miracle innings or delaying the inevitable. New Zealand await Australia in Melbourne on Sunday, and it will not be easy for them on the huge Australian ground. It should be a brilliant match.

Steven Smith is the man of the match for his 105.

Over 47

OUT! BOWLED HIM, AND AUSTRALIA HAVE MADE THE WORLD CUP FINAL. Yorker on middle stump and Yadav's middle stump is dislodged. India lose by 95 runs, perhaps a little too heavily for most Indian fans. But Australia have just outplayed India today. 233 all out.

Great short ball, Yadav is hit on the face by a searing short ball, just under his ear, but the helmet partly protected him.

Over 46

OUT! Ninth down, Faulkner on a hattrick. Slower ball and Mohit Sharma is bowled.

OUT! Ashwin gives room, and Faulkner hits timber.

Two slower balls missed by Ashwin. Last rites being performed here. Can India get to 250?

Over 45

OUT! Dhoni is run out at the non-striker's end, and India's World Cup is over.

Over 44

Single off the last ball, 5 off the over. 228/6 after 44 overs.

Ashwin drives through the off side for one, 2 off 3 balls so far.

Over 43

Single off the last ball, India 223/6.

Crowd are chanting for Sachin. Really?

Late cut to third man for one.

Full toss, slammed to midwicket for one.

SIX! Down the ground, smashed for six. There was no long off, it hit the hoarding. These blows are too late.

SIX! Dhoni goes down the track and lofts the ball over deep point for six.

Over 42

Ashwin is the new batsman and he nearly gets an edge to the keeper. India 208/6.

OUT! Jadeja is run out and India are six down. Slow death at the SCG.

Over 41

FOUR. Short outside off and Jadeja cuts it for four. No run off the last ball, 204/5 after 41 overs.

Dhoni pulls and gets a single to long leg.

DROPPED. Dhoni came down the track, the ball was short, and Dhoni pulled it, got a top edge, but Clarke dropped it at short leg.

Over 40

Two singles to end the over, India 196/5 after 40 overs. 133 needed off 60.

No Indian batsman has yet scored a fifty in this game.

Outside off, Dhoni slams it to the third man region for one.

Over 39

FOUR. Edged, and four. India 192/5 off 39 overs.

Yorker off the fifth ball, Dhoni plays it down the ground for one.

Short ball, hurries onto Ravindra Jadeja who is tucked up and India get a bye.

Dhoni still not going on the attack, has he given up?

Ball on the hips and Dhoni runs a quick two.

Over 37

On the pads, Dhoni can't get it away, and India just get two off the over. 179/5.

Very short ball outside off, Jadeja rides the bounce and gets a single to third man.

Short leg to Ravindra Jadeja, who misses a flick, ball hits his pad. But no real danger.

OUT! Given out, Rahane's ordinary innings is over. Australia reviewed the decision and there was a slight nick, as snicko showed. Rahane 44 off 68. India 178/5.

Rahane misses with the cut shot. Very ordinary innings so far.

Dhoni taps to the off side and gets a single.

Over 36

Seven off the over, India 176/4.

FOUR. Dhoni finds the gap, cuts a widish ball, beats point, beats deep cover running in.

Rahane hits straight to backward point but India get a single.

Slower ball, fools Rahane as he plays an ugly stroke.

Wide from Faulkner and Dhoni misses with the swipe. Looks at the umpire but not called wide.

Over 35

In the air as Rahane flashes hard, but in the gap. Two runs, India 170/4 after 35 overs, and its powerplay time.

Short ball, turned away to long leg for one.

Rahane plays a false stroke, tries to run the ball down with slip in place. Misses and Australia appeal.

Johnson gets a quick single to the off side.

Over 33

On the legs, turned away for one, last ball coming up. No run. India 157/4 after 33 overs.

FOUR. Rahane drives, gets an edge, and the ball fies just wide of first slip for four. That's his first boundary. Gives you the scope of the thing.

Dhoni gets a single to the on side, strike rate horror Rahane back on strike.

Mitchell Johnson is back.

Over 32

Single off the last ball, India get just 2 off the over. 150/4.

Short ball, Rahane pulls but straight to deep midwicket for one.

He drives down the ground but straight to mid on.

Rahane plays two dot balls, the second of which should have been out caught if he hadn't checked his shot.

Over 31

FOUR. Rahane gets a single, and then Dhoni goes after a short ball outside off, gets a thick edge and flies down for four. India 148/4.

FOUR. Dhoni slams Hazlewood down the ground with gumption, nearly takes out the umpire who goes off his feet.

Over 30

Short ball, pulled into the deep and Rahane gets two. India 138/4 after 30 overs.

Dhoni averages 109 in successful run chases. He needs 109 today.

Shane Watson is into the attack. Again, if India just had two more wickets in the kitty.

Over 28

5 off 5 balls so far. If only India had two more wickets in hand. 130/4 after 28 overs.

Quick two as Dhoni plays the ball into the deep.

Over 27

Dhoni gets an outside edge which goes to third man for one. 4 off the over, India 125/4.

Single to long on.

Dhoni slams the ball towards deep midwicket, it was in the air for a while.

One off the first two balls.

Over 26

Single off the last ball, 6 off the over, India 121/4.

Slapped to sweeper cover for one.

Dhoni gets a single to long on. Required rate is well over 8 per over now. How things change.

Over 25

Quick two to fine leg, India 115/4 after 25 overs.

Dhoni drives, gets an inside edge and the ball goes to fine leg for one.

Over 23

OUT! Raina is gone, thick edge to the keeper and India are unraveling. Soft dismissal, no idea what he was thinking. India 108/4.

FOUR. Raina picks the ball up from off stump and dispatches it over midwicket for four.

Single to third man, Raina moves to 3.

Raina drives, but with no timing and to mid on. 29/3 off the last 10 overs. Game changer.

Over 22

India 102/3 after 22 overs.

Raina comes down the track but has to check his shot as Maxwell drops the length short. Nevertheless he gets his first run.

Rahane cuts hard and finds point, it dropped in front of point. Batsman is way out of form.

Over 21

No run off the last ball, India 98/3 after 21 overs.

Another short ball, Raina ducks and its a wide ball. Starc has some choice words for the batsman.

Full ball, Raina plays it back to Starc, who takes aim at the stumps and hits, Australia appeal, crowd boos.

Raina is still on 0. Rahane is on 9 off 20 balls.

Short ball, Rahane hooks but misses and the keeper appeals wildly. That was certainly not out.

Over 20

Inside edge from Raina, no run. India 95/3 after 20 overs.

Pulled away, but just a single to deep square leg.

India are in too much of a hole to attack right now.

Spin being introduced now. Just for the record, Rahane does not look comfortable at all.

Over 18

OUT! Rohit is gone, what a comeback from Johnson. Rohit drives blindly on the front foot, the ball comes back in and Rohit is bowled. 91/3.

SIX! Short ball, slightly slower, and smashed for six by Rohit over midwicket.

Another single to sweeper cover.

Rohit drives through covers and India get one. The innings is in a rut now.

Another short ball, face high, Rahane pulls awkwardly for one.

Another short ball, Rahane blocks it out.

Johnson to Rahane.

Over 16

Flicked to the deep for one, India 80/2.

Brutal short ball to Rahane first up, he takes his eyes off and gets it on the bat handle. 1 run.

OUT! Virat Kohli is out, fast short ball, Kohli hooks, gets a top edge and Haddin catches a skier.

Over 15

Still no run, played to midwicket. India 77/1 after 15 overs.

Attempts to hit a ball outside off late, meets air and Haddin appeals for no reason.

Kohli appears to be distinctly struggling for form. His wicket will be huge.

Over 14

Single to third man off the last ball, just one off the over, India 77/1 after 14 overs.

Good length outside off, Virat was into driving mood but then played it with soft hands down the ground.

Virat drives through covers but no run.

Virat Kohli is the new man in and he gets treated to a good short ball which he fends well.

Over 13

OUT! Dhawan is gone, he went down the track and scooped it, but holed out to deep cover. 45 off 41, crowd gives him a big ovation. India 76/1.

Short ball, throat high and Rohit hooks, top edge goes over short midwicket for two.

On legs and Rohit can't get it away, no wide called because it hit the pads on the way to the keeper. There was a huge appeal from Haddin.

Josh Hazlewood is back.

13 runs came off the last over as Dhawan went berserk.

Over 11

Dot ball last. India 60/0 after 11.

On the hips and tucked away behind square for one.

Down the leg side, wide ball called.

Searing short ball, Dhawan sways out of the way quickly. Great ball, good reaction, good cricket.

Dhawan flicks the ball to deep midwicket for two, but now the powerplay is over so there is a fielder there.

Over 10

SIX! Dhawan walks outside off, picks up a full ball on middle and off and scorches it over deep midwicket for six! India 55/0 after 10 overs.

FOUR. Good timing, through covers again and the diving cover can't get to it.

FOUR. Down the track again and this time he gets it right in the middle, the ball flies through the covers for four.

Dhawan comes down the track but misses with the bat swing.

Full ball on middle, Rohit gives it the full gun but there was no need to do that. India get just one.

No ball from James Faulkner, free hit coming up.

Over 9

No run off the last three balls, India 39/0 after 9 overs.

On the pads and Dhawan fails to put it away.

FOUR. Good length ball on off, and driven on the backfoot, great placement off a good ball.

Johnson comes from over the wicket now, and Dhawan flicks it through the off side for two.

Over 8

Rohit defends the last ball, India 33/0 after 8 overs.

On the knees and driven for one by Rohit.

Short, hooked hard but just a single to fine leg.

Dhawan defends the first ball to cover.

Over 7

Great straight drive from Rohit but Johnson gets a hand on it. India 30/0 after 7 overs.

SIX! Short ball, and Rohit hooks it for six! Great shot, good timing and brilliant timing.

Mitchell Johnson is the new bowler.

Over 5

Rohit leaves the last ball which is short and rising. 20/0 after 5 overs.

Ball swings in to Dhawan, who misses, huge appeal from Australia and not given. Australia decide to preserve the review, that was clearly going down leg.

Three. Flicked in the air by Rohit, but in the gap. Gets three as the ball slows down near the fence.

Dhawan gets a single off the first ball of a new over from Starc.

Over 4

Slammed down to third man for one. India 15/0 after 4 overs.

DROPPED. Dhawan charges down, edges the ball, sharp chance for Haddin who drops it! Hard chance though.

FOUR. Short ball, sits up on Dhawan, who pulls for four with disdain.

Flicked through the on side and India get one.

Over 3

On the pads again, Dhawan flicks but no run. India 9/0 after 3 overs.

Two balls defended by Dhawan.

Waist high full toss, out to third man for a single, Rohit should have done better than that.

On the pads but Dhawan can get only one, those are the kind of balls that need to hit the fence.

Inside edge for Dhawan.

Over 2

On the pads, Rohit can't get it off his hips. India 7/0 after 2 overs.

Short ball, Rohit hooks without conviction, hurried, but lands safely behind the keeper.

Ball comes back in, closer to stumps, Rohit leaves.

Rohit lets the second ball go, too wide frankly to threaten him.

Dhawan drives through off but point makes a good diving stop. Just one.

Over 1

Edged again, drops short of first slip. One good shot, 4 poor shots. India 4/0 after one over.

FOUR. Driven through point, in the air but very safe, good shot.

Not out. Just fell short of first slip, the ball touched the ground just before Watson took it. Very close. Rohit is all nerves.

Edged, Rohit drives outside off without feet movement, and the question is whether it has carried to the fielder. Third umpire called in.

Dabbed to the off side, no run.

Second ball, Rohit thinks about it but leaves.

Rohit drives outside off first ball, misses.

Starc bowling the firs

Good flourish from Australia at the end, made about a 15-run difference. But India won't be too gutted. Around 34 overs, Australia were looking at 350 +. Great comeback from India towards the end. 328 though, is still a big, big score to chase in a semifinal. About 25 over par I think.

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