Over several months, the prestigious American magazine and website Travel + Leisure speak to their A-List travel specialists in their search for the 50 Best Places to Travel List for 2017.

Whilst taking into consideration news and global events, Travel + Leisure also recognize that people will travel far and wide for incredible food and drink which has become a key factor in their decision-making.

In the introduction to their 2017 list, Travel + Leisure point out that “In 2017, you’ll want to head to Jerusalem for its exciting Levantine food, Oslo for its coffee culture, Belgrade for craft beer, and Valle de Guadalupe for coveted Mexican wines.”

The listing by Travel + Leisure, explaining its selection of Jerusalem as one of the top 50 destinations to visit in 2017:

Typically more of a pilgrimage site than a sybaritic city, Jerusalem has now emerged as a culinary force to rival Tel Aviv. At the sprawling Mahane Yehuda Market, food-and-drink spots have popped up in produce stalls, many of which stay open long past sunset. The Jewish diaspora and Middle East merge at restaurants like Ishtabach—try the Kurdish shamburak, a pastry with brisket, potatoes, and chimichurri—and Machneyuda, known for its standout beef tartare with plums. Stay at the new boutique Brown Jerusalem Hotel, which will open soon in a restored Ottoman-era villa and serve drinks in an underground water cistern.



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