Sanmay Ved bought the most used domain name was bought for only $12 in October 2015 and now Google has revealed how much they paid to get it back. was sold by Google and paid large to get their domain name back

Sanmay bought the domain name “” after seeing it available on Google Domains and owned it for a total of one whole minute before Google realized what happened -- Google then quickly cancelled the purchase and gave Mr. Sanmay Ved an undisclosed amount that they recently revealed.

The amount Google paid him was $6,006.13, if you're wondering why Google chose such an obscure number -- it’s ‘Google’ spelled in number, according to a blog post from the company. Though it's intriguing as to why they choose to include a decimal while spelling their name in numbers.
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Ved donated his earning to The Art of Living India -- upon hearing this, Google doubled his earnings, according to Business Insider.

In the Google blog post are details of of Google’s own security awards program -- designed to reward people who find flaws or bugs while using Google.

Google mentioned that they have shelled out over $2 million to over 300 researchers in 2015.


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