New Delhi(ANI): Rahul Gandhi miffed with PM Narendra Modi over favouring industrialists. Soon after Congress president Sonia Gandhi criticized the central government for its tax regime, party vice-president Rahul Gandhi echoed similar sentiments and said the ruling government wants to favour only a few industrialists.

"When we were in power we fought for transparency. He (Narendra Modi) wants to favour only a few industrialists, that's all. Not the common people of India," he said.

"This government of 'Suit-Boot' wants to snatch away the land of its people. CVC, Lokpal appointments have been halted and it has been months that these posts are vacant," he added.

Further criticising the Prime Minister's approach, Rahul said, "The Prime Minister wants to be the sole person holding power and that is why he wants to finish the RTI. He wants to finish 'institutions'."

The Congress president had earlier in the day said that the economy is faltering and exports are falling and slammed the government for its indifference to the neglect and distress of farmers.


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