Mumbai(web team): After the BJP government in Maharashtra enforced a law on slaughter on cows, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has taken it upon himself to protect the cows, according to a report by an English daily. The CM has got a cow and a calf at his official residence in Mumbai, according to the report.

Fadnavis was quoted in the report as saying that he has 'taken up the cause for conservation of cow and its progeny'. He said that the cow and the calf are currently in Nilanga in Latur district as they were unable to adjust in Mumbai, but will soon be back at his residence at Varsha in Malabar Hill. He said that his work was an example 'for all sections'.

Fadnavis has been rallying for protection of cows since taking over as the CM of the state. Recently he announced the formation of a 'mahamandal' for protection of cow and its progeny.

He had even objected to the terming of the ban against cow slaughter as 'beef ban'. He has said that the 'beef ban' tag was "insensitive'. Fadnavis said, 'People are calling it beef ban. Can a living organism be looked at only as a meat ball?'

It is being speculated that the CM's enthusiasm for cow protection will have to be shared by all members of his cabinet. A BJP minister was quoted in the English daily saying that if Fadnavis succeeds in this work, then the state government ill make it compulsory for all cabinet members, legislators and MP's to shelter cows.


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