Panajim(NDTV): An FIR has been registered in Goa after union HRD Smriti Irani spotted a hidden camera inside a changing room at an outlet of popular clothing chain FabIndia.

Irani had gone shopping at the Fabindia store in Candolim, when she spotted the camera. Irani is on holiday in Goa.

She called the local MLA Michael Lobo, who filed the FIR. The police have registered a case of 'outraging a woman's modesty.'

Irani has also recorded a statement with the police.

Lobo told NDTV that Mrs Irani had selected some clothes and entered the small changing room when she spotted the camera. "She immediately alerted her husband Zubin Irani, and then called me," Lobo said to NDTV.

The MLA said he called the police and rushed to the store. The camera was positioned in a way that the lens pointed right into the changing room. Moreover, it was not easily visible.

Footage from the camera, installed four months ago was allegedly being recorded in a computer in the manager's office.

"When we went through the recording, the entire video was recorded... This is mischief... Somebody has been watching the recordings," the MLA said to NDTV. The manager of the store, curiously, was on leave.

The police have registered a case of 'outraging a woman's modesty' against the store and are investigating to find out who had positioned the camera to face the changing room.


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