Hannover(PTI): From one CEO to another, they discussed critical tasks, hurdles and methodology to overcome obstacles. Prime Minister Modi’s interaction on Saturday with German CEOs was similar to the one he had in Paris with French CEOs. He wanted to know where they found India lacking, what could his government do to assist in ease of doing business in India and the next steps that the two could take to increase bilateral trade and investment.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks at the opening of the industrial fair in Hanover, Germany on Sunday. PTI
Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks at the opening of the industrial fair in Hanover, Germany on Sunday. PTI

In his conversation with the German CEOs, Prime Minister Modi divulged that he was focused on 89-90 critical tasks that the government has to perform and he has tactical units working on them with whom he met every fifteen days or so to check on the progress. The CEOs seemed to echo similar management styles.

He even remarked that changing laws and doing away with cumbersome procedures could be done quickly but sometimes age-old attitudes and moribund systems take time, patience and staying power. And that could be frustrating for those in a hurry to get things done with efficiency.

In both France and Germany, the Prime Minister sought to find areas where investors found it cumbersome to do business in India because of unnecessary rules and complicated procedures. He spoke about country desks that had been set up under the aegis of Invest India which will network into different Indian states so that any investor wanting to do business in any part of India will find a single window where he could get a walk-through guidance on procedures and norms.

Germany is India’s largest trading partner in Europe with bilateral trade in 2014 valued at 15.96 Euros.

At the Hannover Messe Fair, Prime Minister Modi said, “For us the highest priority is creating world class infrastructure. We have made a sharp increase in public investments. We have established a National Infrastructure and Investment Fund and a new institution for integrated development of this structure.”

CEOs from India and the rest of the world seemed enthused with the proactive measures being taken by the BJP Government.

Eighteen Indian states are participating in the five-day Hannover Messe Fair with over a hundred CEOs and several hundred officials participating in full measure.

The fair that started way back in 1947 has now become the world’s biggest industrial fair.


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