Punjab(web team): A 14 year-old girl died and her mother is critically injured after being thrown off from a moving bus after they resisted molestation against the daughter, reports NDTV.

The mother and daughter had boarded a private bus from Moga in Punjab. The bus was sparsely occupied at that time. The mother has claimed that after the bus covered around 10 kms, one passenger started misbehaving with the daughter. When she objected the man attacked her.

The woman has said that she approached the bus conductor for help, but he too joined the attacker to abuse both the her and the daughter. Her pleads to the driver to stop the bus went unanswered. Both the mother and daughter were harassed for 15 minutes after which the bus slowed at a turn and they both were allegedly thrown out of the moving vehicle.

They both were stranded on the road without help for hours following which girl died on the spot.

The bus has been found and but the driver and conductor are still missing, the report added. The police has promised probe and strict action against accused once found.


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